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Cannabis News Archive

15/06/11 EveryoneDoesIt Does it again!
14/06/11 For a week only - special price on: stacker 2 ephedra energizers
27/05/11 Seedsman's FREE SHIPPING this weekend!
12/12/10 EveryoneDoesIt coupon code - 12.5% off for Xmas!
30/10/10 Marijuana Hair Loss - Fact Or Fiction?
05/06/10 Auto-flowerers have arrived to Nirvana Shop
26/05/10 Esoteric Hydroponics 'taking hydroponics out of the closet!'™
25/05/10 New strains released at Green House Seed Co
01/05/10 Legal buds now allows you to build your own combo
14/04/10 Sensi Seeds now offers 5 feminized seeds packs!
23/05/08 Cannabis Vs Alcohol: The British public demands answers
10/05/08 uK: Cannabis set to be re-classified
10/05/08 U.K:Cannabis: who cares if it's B or C?
01/05/08 UK: Confused? You may be
25/04/08 UK: Boris Johnson calls for legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use
21/04/08 UK: Anger over druggie's soft sentence
20/04/08 10 Things You Didn't Know About Marijuana
18/03/08 New Zealand: Maryjane the Cannabus rolls into town
17/03/08 Spanish Government Acknowledges the Medical Value of Cannabis in
17/03/08 UK: Cannabis man gets 30 months jail
17/03/08 UK: Drugs trio win appeal
17/03/08 UK: Man jailed for supplying drug
17/03/08 UK: Scientists seek cannabis users for bone study
15/03/08 UK: Man Incited Drug-Growth (Growshop)
14/03/08 NGOs Slam UN Drug Bureaucracies, Demand Compliance With UN Charter
14/03/08 Czech Parliament Debates Amendment to the Drugs Law
14/03/08 UK: Security Man was using Caravan to Grow Drug
12/03/08 Cannabis less dangerous, less addictive than Starbucks lattes
11/03/08 Alzheimer's sufferers may benefit from cannabis compound
10/03/08 FIJI: Court quashes prison sentence
09/03/08 Dubai: Groove's Dubai Prison Hope
09/03/08 Outrageous Anti-Pot Lies: Media Uses Disgraceful Cancer Scare Tactics
07/03/08 Cannabis could help smokers quit
06/03/08 UK: Money launderer to lose £389,000
06/03/08 The Netherlands: Proposed Bill Bans Cannabis Grow Shops
05/03/08 Australia: Aussie pot use among world's highest: UN
05/03/08 Drug cartels running rampant, says UN
05/03/08 Malta: Man guilty of cultivating cannabis jailed 12 years
05/03/08 New Zealand: Cannabis Doesn't Cause Head cancer - Study
05/03/08 UK: Hemp Concrete in 6.2 million pound Eco-centre
04/03/08 Press Release: European NGOs march for drug peace in Vienna
04/03/08 Eradicating a Plant: A United Nations Project
04/03/08 Letter: It's time to stop treating marijuana use as crime
03/03/08 Czech court supports cannabis grower
03/03/08 UK: Arthritis sufferer's £4k cannabis haul
03/03/08 UK: Arthritis sufferer's =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A34k_cannabis_haul?=
01/03/08 JAMAICAN government considers legalization of marijuana
29/02/08 UK Government Rejects Risk Management and Issue Threats
27/02/08 Netherlands: Scientists Set up Netherlands Association for Medicinal
26/02/08 UAE Dubai: Briton in the clear
26/02/08 UK: Home Office Backs Plan to Close Cannabis Cafe (Worthing)
25/02/08 UK: BBC Film to Show Effects of Injecting Cannabis
25/02/08 UK: Police sniff out cannabis addict
24/02/08 Italy: A woman has had her marriage annulled after her husband smoked
24/02/08 UK: Prescription drugs: legal and lethal
22/02/08 Court told of cannabis in sock
22/02/08 UK: Cannabis user freed from jail
22/02/08 UK: Hospital Medic Struck Of After Cannabis Use
22/02/08 UK: Police weed out cannabis factories
21/02/08 Debunking the Hemp Conspiracy Theory
20/02/08 OAP cannabis crime creates only one victim - the pharmaceutical industry
20/02/08 PRESS RELEASE: GrooveRider is the real victim in Dubai!
20/02/08 UK: MP calls for more police powers to target cannabis cafes
20/02/08 Dubai: Radio DJ jailed in Dubai over drugs
19/02/08 Dubai: Grooverider jailed for four years
19/02/08 UK: Arthritic pensioner grew cannabis
18/02/08 UK: Cannabis users to face fixed penalty
18/02/08 UK: Is cannabis cafe causing any harm?
18/02/08 UK: The cannabis saga - should it be reclassified again?
18/02/08 UK: Young mum growing cannabis is spared jail
16/02/08 UK: Man Jailed for Cannabis Factory
16/02/08 US: Marijuana Merits Study, Doctors Group Says
15/02/08 US: Doctors Pressure Government to Greenlight Medical Marijuana
14/02/08 Australia: Anti-drug bill passes SA Upper House
14/02/08 UK: Sentencing for commercial cultivation of cannabis
14/02/08 Letter: Drug Analysis
14/02/08 UK: Drug Dealer Locked Up
14/02/08 UK: Police in Fifth Lancing Cafe Raid
14/02/08 Weed Risk Arguments
13/02/08 Press Release: Where is my Private Life?
13/02/08 UK: Gran is warned over drugs
13/02/08 UK: Police Raid Huge City Drugs Factory
12/02/08 UK: Dope's policy?
11/02/08 UK: Woman jailed for smuggling cannabis into prison
09/02/08 UK: 300 Pound Cannabis Fine For Itchy Genitals Man
09/02/08 UK: Call for papers cannabis warning
09/02/08 UK: Cannabis factory uncovered after fire at flat
09/02/08 UK: Drug Dealer Jailed
09/02/08 UK: Massive cannabis raid
09/02/08 UN Board Says Marijuana Machines Illegal
09/02/08 Wales: Children as young as 10 on cannabis
08/02/08 UK: Tourists Warned of UAE Drug laws
07/02/08 Algeria: Drug trafficker Zendjabil Abdelkder jailed in Saida
07/02/08 Dubai: Briton jailed in Dubai after officials find cannabis weighing
07/02/08 Letter: Cannabis should be made legal, taxed
07/02/08 UK: Cannabis regrade calls misplaced
07/02/08 UK: Police raid cannabis cafe for a fourth time
06/02/08 Telegraph TV pick: Horizon - Is Alcohol Worse than Ecstasy?
06/02/08 UK: Cannabis dealers prey on hospitals
06/02/08 UK: Cannabis is stronger, but users smoke less
06/02/08 UK: Should cannabis be upgraded from class C to class B?
06/02/08 UK: Use of Extra Strong Skunk Cannabis Soars
05/02/08 Finland: Finns in demo for jailed MS patient
05/02/08 UK: Cannabis now three times stronger
05/02/08 UK: Highly potent skun' dominates UK's cannabis market
05/02/08 UK: Drugs group discusses cannabis classification
05/02/08 UK: Minister's open mind on cannabis
05/02/08 UK: Police to urge cannabis regrading
04/02/08 UK: Make Cannabis Class B say Campaigners
04/02/08 UK: Cannabis factory Warning
04/02/08 UK: Cannabis re-classification failed
04/02/08 UK: The Drug Laws Don't Work
04/02/08 US: In Cannabis We Trust
03/02/08 Scotland: Doctors treat MS sufferers with cannabis
03/02/08 UK: Blunkett goes head to head with Government over plans to raise
03/02/08 UK: Blunkett goes head to head with Government over plans to raise
02/02/08 UK: Bad Science - Cannabis casualties, hybrid cars, and cubic litres
01/02/08 UK: Caution for man with =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A36=2E5k_worth_of_?=
01/02/08 UK: Man thought selling cannabis was a less serious offence, court
01/02/08 Letter: Crime and cannabis
31/01/08 Morocco: 24 tons of cannabis seized
31/01/08 The Netherlands: Minister says no drugs for off-duty Dutch police
31/01/08 UK: 15000 Pound fine for dealer
31/01/08 UK: 300 plants at cannabis farm
31/01/08 UK: Arrests after cannabis raid
31/01/08 UK: Cannabis factory shut down in Swindon
31/01/08 UK: Cannabis seized in Tranmere
31/01/08 UK: Drugs debate
31/01/08 UK: Two held after cannabis seizure
31/01/08 Why the tycoons fear hemp: From drugs to oil
30/01/08 Malta: 8 years in jail and fine for Gozitan cannabis farmer
30/01/08 Press release: Cannabis: Re-criminalising the plant
30/01/08 US: Medical Marijuana: Now In Vending Machines
29/01/08 Germany: Police crackdown as cannabis farms grow
29/01/08 Letter: Regulate Properly and Improve Safety for Users and Save Taxpayers'
28/01/08 Letter: Illegal Cannabis Feeds Child Use
28/01/08 UK: Cannabis factory found after fire alert
28/01/08 Dubai: Visitor denies knowledge of marijuana in luggage - 2g, 5 seeds!
26/01/08 Cannabis Campaigners Fuming over Advisory Council Review agenda
26/01/08 Malaysia: The gallows for two drug traffickers
26/01/08 Nepal: International Customs Day Combatting Drug Trafficking
25/01/08 Sweden: MS patient jailed for cannabis use
25/01/08 UK: 10 months jail for =?windows-1252?Q?=91cannabis_man_of_?=
25/01/08 UK: Drug Bust Latest - Local Men Arrested
25/01/08 UK: Man jailed for cannabis production
25/01/08 UK Cannabis Classification: a Flawed Debate
25/01/08 Malaysia: Ex-athlete gets jail, rotan for cannabis
25/01/08 US: Medicinal marijuana to be available in vending machines
24/01/08 New Zealand: Questions and Answers: Medical benefits of Cannabis
24/01/08 US: Medical Marijuana Uers Can be Fired - California Supreme Court
24/01/08 RVD Speaks On WWE's Drug Testing Policy, Marijuana, More
23/01/08 US: Proposed legislation would permit cultivation of hemp
23/01/08 UK: Cannabis worth 120,000 pounds seized
23/01/08 UK: Drug dealer jailed for 15 months
23/01/08 UK: Jail for 1million pound drugs gang
23/01/08 UK: Man grew cannabis to alleviate pain
23/01/08 UK: Raid nets 4th cannabis farm in just weeks
22/01/08 UK: Fears over increased cannabis use
22/01/08 UK: CannaZine - Censored!
21/01/08 India: Cannabis farming still flourishes
21/01/08 Letter: Making Drug Legal is Just a Responsibility
20/01/08 UK: Police Shut Factory for Cannabis
20/01/08 Canada: Judge Eases Medical Marijuana Grower Access
20/01/08 Israel: Medical Marijuana Legally Available
20/01/08 Outskirts Press Announces Why Marijuana is Legal in America
20/01/08 Sweden's cocaine use on the up
20/01/08 UK: Cannabis Experts Lash Out at Ministers for Ignoring Advice]
20/01/08 UK: Home Office Guilty of Deceipt on Cannabis Issue
18/01/08 UK: Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs To Convene Cannabis Debate
17/01/08 UK: Police find cannabis factory
17/01/08 UK: 3 million pound cannabis smugglers get 8 years
17/01/08 UK: 3,500 UKP of suspected cannabis
17/01/08 UK: Cannabis farm raided
17/01/08 UK: Police swoop on cannabis factories
17/01/08 New Zealand: Nandor Tanczos to Retire from Parlaiment
16/01/08 UK: Home Office Invites Cannabis Users to Debate Reclassification
16/01/08 UK: Primary schoolchildren found dealing in drugs
16/01/08 US: County moves toward a ban on pot clubs
16/01/08 Australia: Cannabis crusader brings pot to court - again
16/01/08 Hemp products are growing a reputation in health food market
16/01/08 UK: Arrest after another cannabis factory raid
16/01/08 UK: Big Drug Haul After tip-Off From ByStander
16/01/08 UK: City Gran Sold Drug to Finance Christmas
16/01/08 UK: Jail for illegal immigrant caught looking after Southport cannabis
16/01/08 Wales: Drug Farm on Every Street?
15/01/08 Cyprus: Couple arrive with 18kg of cannabis in suitcase
15/01/08 Guyana: Fisherman remanded over ganja in boat
14/01/08 Canada: Marc Emery agrees to five years in Canadian prison
13/01/08 UK: No Cannabis News is Bad News For Government, Police
12/01/08 UK: The Reasons Behind Gordon Browns Marijuana Madness
12/01/08 US: RVD Speaks On Using Marijuana
12/01/08 UK: Cannabis clinic to treat 12-year-olds
12/01/08 UK: I was right to downgrade cannabis: David Blunkett
11/01/08 Finland: Finnish police find cannabis farm in caravan
11/01/08 Letter: Madness to Legalise Drug
11/01/08 The Truth About Driving When You're High on Marijuana
11/01/08 UK: Alcohol Abuse Outstrips Cannabis 16-1 under Brown's Government.
11/01/08 UK: Government response to petition 'medi-cannabis'
11/01/08 UK: House fire uncovers cannabis plants
11/01/08 UK: Cannabis Kit Sellers Jailed Despite Pleas
11/01/08 Canada: Court rejects supply limit on medical pot
11/01/08 UK: Abuse of cannabis puts 500 a week in hospital
10/01/08 Letters: It may be too late to reclassify cannabis
10/01/08 UK: Man who took pot for pain spared jail
10/01/08 UK: Cannabis set to be regraded amid new health-risk fears
09/01/08 UK: Cannabis campaigner faces imitation firearms charges
09/01/08 UK: Government must listen to expert advice on Cannabis - Huhne
09/01/08 UK: House raid nets 31 cannabis plants
09/01/08 UK: Police's 50th cannabis factory find in city
09/01/08 UK: PR Cannabis reclassification Question
09/01/08 Wales: Police Find Cannabis Factory in 8-Bed Mansion
09/01/08 Australia: 81-year-old woman accused of growing pot
09/01/08 UK: Cannabis Clampdown
09/01/08 UK: Gordon Brown's Tough Stance on Cannabis
08/01/08 Letter: Cannabis Leads to Early Death
08/01/08 UK: Another huge cannabis factory found
08/01/08 UK: Re-Wiring Job Sends Dope Up in Smoke
08/01/08 US: Police Return Marijuana Plants to Veteran
07/01/08 India: Malana fire a setback for narco control
07/01/08 Letter: There is no reason to oppose legalisation of cannabis
07/01/08 UK: Cannabis Dealer Caught Red-Handed
07/01/08 UK: Cannabis plant caretaker jailed
07/01/08 UK: City DJ lucky not to go to jail over £2500 drugs haul
07/01/08 US: Who Supports the Drugs War?
06/01/08 UK: Controversial copper fuels drugs debate
06/01/08 UK: Reclassifying cannabis would make no difference to young
05/01/08 Cyprus: Drug arrests up 25 per cent in 2007
05/01/08 UK: More Mistakes By Pathologist
04/01/08 Marijuana Activist Mae Nutt Dies
04/01/08 Letter: Law Makes No Distinction When it comes to Cannabis
04/01/08 UK: Cannabis Capitulation Can't Continue
02/01/08 UK: Cannabis farms on increase say North Wales police
31/12/07 Pakistan: Drugs, arms seized; 7 held
31/12/07 UK: Drugs factory uncovered after neighbours spot smoke
30/12/07 Uganda: AU experts ask for ban on cannabis
29/12/07 UK: PR: Medical cannabis grower 'grins and bears' prison sentence
28/12/07 Letter: Cannabis Facts
28/12/07 Letter: Let's Absorb Lessons from the US - Sentinel
27/12/07 Letter: I Can't Support This Insanity
27/12/07 UK: Cannabis Dealer Jailed
27/12/07 UK: Pair told to pay back ill-gotten drug gains
23/12/07 Filling the cannabis gap in Britian
23/12/07 Ireland: Let's not go soft on hard drugs
22/12/07 Letter: Public Debate
21/12/07 UK: Blame the law, not the drug
20/12/07 Netherlands: Dutch police serve hashish cake to man suspected of
20/12/07 UK: Cannabis-led psychosis growing
19/12/07 UK: Cannabis smoke 'has more toxins'
19/12/07 Cannabis smoke more toxic than puffing tobacco
19/12/07 UK: Cancer sufferer took cannabis to ease pain
18/12/07 Malaysia: Clerk gets death for cannabis trafficking
17/12/07 Finland: Guidelines Sought for Medical Use of Cannabis
16/12/07 Ireland: Letter: Legal cannabis may ease crisis
16/12/07 UK: Gangs are setting up cannabis farms in prosperous neighbourhoods
15/12/07 Dutch police complain it is their right to smoke cannabis while off-duty
13/12/07 Letter: Never Forget the Influence of This Devastating Drug
13/12/07 US: Pot clubs lose what may be final appeal
12/12/07 Letter: Drug Ban is No Solution
12/12/07 UK: Jail term for cannabis producer
12/12/07 US: Hemp Farmers Appeal Federal Court Decision
11/12/07 Letter: Don't be fooled by drug myths
11/12/07 A draconian law
11/12/07 UK: I Will Keep on Taking Cannabis For My Pain
10/12/07 Swiss parliament blocks initiative to legalize cannabis
07/12/07 UK: Drug factory epidemic growing
07/12/07 UK: Drug factory epidemic growing
07/12/07 Afghanistan: Cannabis is the new drug of choice for Afghanistan's
06/12/07 PRESS RELEASE: UK government not interest cannabis users safety or
06/12/07 PRESS RELEASE: UK government not interest cannabis users safety or
05/12/07 UK: Cannabis warnings go up by 50 per cent
05/12/07 Letter: This dreadful drug just destroys lives
05/12/07 Mali: Over 2 tonnes of cannabis seized
05/12/07 UK: Mum disguised cannabis as buttons on skirt
04/12/07 Iceland: Cannabis Cultivation Increasing in Iceland
04/12/07 Switzerland: Pot smokers hope for support in parliament
04/12/07 UK: Cannabis flavoured drinks banned
04/12/07 US: Pot plants returned to Fort Collins couple
03/12/07 Letter: Cannabis Must be Made Legal
02/12/07 UK: Key advisers attack new drugs policy
01/12/07 Canada: O Cannabis! War on drugs seen as flawed echo of U.S.
30/11/07 Report shows that Spanish youths top European list of cannabis and
29/11/07 UK: Drugs swoop at Ipswich Station
29/11/07 Germany: Drug consumption down in Germany
29/11/07 Sweden: Controversial hemp farmer wins award
28/11/07 UK: Cannabis cafe security chief cleared by court
28/11/07 Australia: Safe cannabis levels defined for driving
28/11/07 UK: Cannabis dealer jailed for 15 months
27/11/07 Afghanistan Cannabis Crop Up 40 Percent
27/11/07 India: Cannabis plantations destroyed
26/11/07 Dubai's Less Than Zero Tolerance Warning
26/11/07 Less Than Zero Tolerance Wa?
26/11/07 UK: Crusader jailed for growing cannabis for ill patients
25/11/07 UK: 100 cannabis factories busted
24/11/07 Cyprus: 50,000 Cypriots have used cannabis
24/11/07 India: Drive to destroy cannabis plantations succeeds
24/11/07 UK: Cannabis farms risking lives of police and public
24/11/07 UK: Cannabis grower dies in prison
22/11/07 EU report: cannabis No. 1 drug in Europe, cocaine on the rise
22/11/07 Letter: Out of joint (1)
22/11/07 Letter: Out of joint (2)
22/11/07 Letter: Out of joint (3)
22/11/07 UK: Cannabis Couple are Spared Jail
22/11/07 UK: Howard Donald: More People Should Get Stoned
22/11/07 UK: One in seven under-13s have tried cannabis
22/11/07 UK: Toke That star in pot row
21/11/07 Cannabis may stop cancer spread
20/11/07 Scotland: Triads run =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A31billion_Scots_cannab?=
20/11/07 UK: Cannabis gang are jailed for 27 years
20/11/07 UK: Drug barons target Norfolk, say police
20/11/07 UK: Police reconsider cannabis stance
20/11/07 Smoking cannabis in public to remain a serious offence in Spain
20/11/07 Scotland: Triads run £1billion Scots cannabis industry
19/11/07 Cannabis may halt breast cancer
19/11/07 Ireland: Anti-drugs lobby condemns party for legalisation debate
17/11/07 UK: Cannabis factory raids continue
17/11/07 UK: Cockle picker witness is jailed
17/11/07 UK: Labour defer decision on party stance on decriminalisation of
17/11/07 UK: Labour delegates talk cannabis legalisation and '09 elections
16/11/07 Cannabis and smoking gene links to schizophrenia unfounded
16/11/07 Lebanon: Political crisis nets largest cannabis crop since Civil
15/11/07 UK: Cannabis could have saved dying mum
15/11/07 UK: Cannabis grown to avoid dodgy drugs
14/11/07 Liberia police torch a tonne of cannabis
14/11/07 Press release: Hemp farmer arrested under Swiss terror legislation
13/11/07 Tell the Truth about Cannabis and Maybe We'll Get Somewhere
13/11/07 Malaysia: Drug convict spared the gallows after 9-year wait
12/11/07 UK: GW says cannabis pain drug passes clinical trial
11/11/07 UK: Vietnamese cannabis gang jailed for 21 years
11/11/07 UK: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A320m_drug_smuggler_jailed_for_six?=
11/11/07 UK: Cannabis man sent to jail
11/11/07 Medical Marijuana Misinformation: Required Reprise
11/11/07 UK: Cannabis deals found in teapot
10/11/07 Letter: No harm in it
09/11/07 UK: Drug dealer's siblings have assets seized
08/11/07 UK: Pub hosts drug testing operation
07/11/07 Are Cigarettes More of a Drag on Teens than Marijuana?
07/11/07 Dutch want cannabis registered as regular medicine
07/11/07 Letter: Cannabis: into the unknown
07/11/07 Germany: Leaded marijuana poisons drug abusers
06/11/07 Switzerland: Occasional marijuana use 'does not harm teens': study
06/11/07 Press Release: Cannabis mixed with tobacco linked to increased psychosocial
06/11/07 Teens Who Smoke Marijuana But Not Tobacco Are Different From Other
06/11/07 UK: Grandad ran commercial drug farm
06/11/07 UK: PC warns parents about cannabis use
06/11/07 Switzerland: Occasional marijuana use =?windows-1252?Q?=91does_?=
05/11/07 Swiss study has some surprises on marijuana use
05/11/07 Switzerland: Teens who smoke pot but not tobacco function well
05/11/07 Switzerland: Some Go Without a Cigarette
05/11/07 Swiss Study Finds Marijuana Use Alone May Benefit Some Teens, U.S.
05/11/07 Ireland: Cannabis far more toxic to the adolescent brain
04/11/07 The War on Poppy Succeeds, but Cannabis Thrives in an Afghan Province
03/11/07 UK: =?windows-1252?Q?Granddad=92s_cannabis_farm?=
03/11/07 UK: Granddad's cannabis farm
03/11/07 UK: Cannabis Equipment Trio are Warned they Could be Jailed
02/11/07 Ireland: Man jailed for three years for cannabis storage
02/11/07 Australia: Cannabis debate pointless
02/11/07 UK: Cannabis grower evicted
02/11/07 UK: Cannabis gran (Pat Tabram) joins Oxford Union drug debate
02/11/07 UK: Police in 'eco terrorists' cannabis farmers row
02/11/07 Letter: No smoking gun
02/11/07 Scotland: Judges given cannabis guidelines
01/11/07 UK: Drug classification beset by confusion
01/11/07 UK: Cannabis medicine gran prepared to go to prison
01/11/07 UK: Dope Pill In MS Trial
31/10/07 UK: Complaints made to police after 'cannabis cafe' raid
30/10/07 UK: Yesterday in Parliament: Cannabis classification
30/10/07 UK: Campaigners call for tougher cannabis laws
30/10/07 UK: Cannabis laws are a no-man's land
30/10/07 Don't discount hemp for biofuels
29/10/07 UK: Police warn drug growers: There is nowhere to hide
29/10/07 Penang: Ex-painter sent to gallows
29/10/07 US: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Cannabis not a drug
29/10/07 Marijuana: Not a drug
29/10/07 UK: Two held after latest cannabis raids
29/10/07 UK: Rhyl man vows to continue smoking cannabis
28/10/07 Australia: Police to begin drug testing motorists
28/10/07 UK: Alarming Rise In Defence Force Drug Use
27/10/07 Ghana: Police Arrest Chief
27/10/07 US: Wonders of Cannabis Festival
26/10/07 UK: Cannabis grower is spared jail
26/10/07 UK: Jail for man with drugs and cash in car
26/10/07 UK: Cannabis use down since legal change
25/10/07 Press Release: Smoked Cannabis Proven Effective In Treating Neuropathic
25/10/07 The Inhumane Drug War: Top 10 Reasons for Optimism
25/10/07 UK: Fewer young people using cannabis after reclassification
25/10/07 VOTE=3A Tough warning for Lanci?
25/10/07 UK: Young people using less cannabis since downgrade
25/10/07 UK: Trade fuels drugs capital tag
25/10/07 UK: Cannabis use falls again
25/10/07 UK: Catching Dealers is Main Priority, Says New Chief
25/10/07 US: Former Pope of Pot, Christian Minister On Hunger Strike
24/10/07 UK: Woman tells court she grew cannabis for an alternative medicine
24/10/07 UK: Cannabis, 'a Double Edged Sword'
24/10/07 UK: Men Jailed for Setting up Drugs Factory
24/10/07 UK: Pair jailed for importing drugs from South Africa
24/10/07 UK: Cannabis use worsens social problems
24/10/07 UK: Concern over heavy cannabis use
24/10/07 US: Time to re-legalize
24/10/07 UK: Cannabis sets deprived on a spiral of decline
24/10/07 UK: Govt backed over cannabis ad
24/10/07 Smoking pot can have antidepressant effect at low doses: study
23/10/07 Malaysia: Labourer gets 6 years for drug possession
23/10/07 UK: Raided cannabis cafe could reopen
22/10/07 UK: Cannabis cafe' planning breach probe
22/10/07 UK: Cannabis plantation farmer gets two years
22/10/07 UK: Cannabis smuggler behind bars
22/10/07 UK: We all do stupid things as teenagers say MPs
21/10/07 UK: Cannabis cafe back in business
20/10/07 Norway: Winehouse back on the road after night in Norwegian cell
19/10/07 Canada: O Cannabis! Canada rethinks its drug policies.
19/10/07 NI: Customs illegally opened drugs package at sorting office
19/10/07 UK: Alarming 14 per cent rise in drug crime will pile on pressure
18/10/07 UK: Drug offences rise by 14%
18/10/07 UK: Judge's cannabis warning
18/10/07 US: Farmers sue DEA for right to grow industrial hemp
17/10/07 Cannabis not dangerous for young people
17/10/07 Chronic Pain Intensity Cut Nearly in Half with Oral THC
16/10/07 Canada: Pro-pot protest planned
16/10/07 In Lebanon, a comeback for cannabis
16/10/07 Italy: Drugs Test on Politicians, Two plea-Bargaining
16/10/07 UK: Drug seizures spark MPs cannabis riddle
16/10/07 UK: Former prisons inspector backs call to legalise drugs
16/10/07 UK: Race laws defeat police crackdown on drug barons
15/10/07 UK: Warning at rise in skunk
15/10/07 US: Another medical marijuana facility raided in a state where it's
15/10/07 Cannabis Use, Effect And Potential Therapy For Alzheimer's, MS and
15/10/07 UK Deadly Skunk Flood City
15/10/07 US: Schwarzenegger again vetoes industrial hemp bill
13/10/07 UK: Cannabis cafe suspects released on bail
13/10/07 Netherlands: Ban on magic mushroom sales curbs Dutch drug policy
12/10/07 UK: Cops tear down wall with tractor in second Lancing drugs raid
11/10/07 UK: Home Office dismisses police chief Brunstrom's call to legalise
11/10/07 UK: North Wales Police chief calls for drugs to be made legal
10/10/07 Malaysia: Indonesian labourer to hang for trafficking
09/10/07 UK: Teaching assistant who gave her children cannabis spared jail
07/10/07 UK: Special report: Class B for Battersea
07/10/07 UK: Top policemen want cannabis made class B to end confusion among
05/10/07 UK: Cannabis factory found in bungalow
05/10/07 UK: Tenants Turned House into Cannabis Factory
05/10/07 UK: UKP9,000 amateur cannabis farm in terraced house
05/10/07 UK NI: Woman on drugs charge spared jail
05/10/07 UK: Cannabis grower faces prison term
04/10/07 Spain: Fernanda de la Figuera spokeswoman for arseca
03/10/07 Netherlands: Dutch Cannabis a Bit Less Powerful
03/10/07 US: Edible Marijuana Maker To Surrender On Thursday
02/10/07 No more Mr Nice guy: Howard Marks, poster boy for cannabis, doubts safety of drug
02/10/07 Netherlands: Dutch Marijuana Becomes More Expensive as Police Raids
02/10/07 US: Marijuana Laws Ruin Lives, Legalize Cannabis, Say US Activists
02/10/07 UK: Taking Cannabis Battle to London - Stuart Wyatt
01/10/07 Netherlands: Dutch city to close dope-selling coffee shops near schools
01/10/07 Smoked Marijuana Improved ADHD Driver's Performance
01/10/07 Hawaii: Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Marijuana Use
01/10/07 Hawaii: Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Marijuana Use
01/10/07 Hawaii: Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Marijuana Use
01/10/07 Hawaii: Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Marijuana Use
29/09/07 Kashmir: The Garden Goes to Pot
29/09/07 UK: Crash victim grew cannabis to relieve pain
29/09/07 UK: Drugs seized in house raid (Desborough)
29/09/07 UK: People who deal in drugs must go to jail
29/09/07 UK: People who deal in drugs must go to jail
26/09/07 US: Livermore joins other cities in banning pot clubs
25/09/07 Spain: Two years for space-cake boss
25/09/07 UK: Cannabis netted in raid on farmhouse
25/09/07 Australia: Hydroponic drugs equipment ban
25/09/07 UK: Jack Straw: We made a mistake on cannabis
24/09/07 UK: Gordon Brown on Drugs: friend of the mafia, enemy of pragmatism
24/09/07 Pot's potential
23/09/07 UK: Children trafficked from Asia to UK to work in cannabis factories
23/09/07 UK: Prince Charles opens cannabis garden
23/09/07 US: Marijuana in suburbs a lucrative enterprise
23/09/07 Press Release: Marjorie's Strong "Skunk" causes bad smell for campaigners.
22/09/07 UK: Court Told Tolkien Great Grandson Is Dealer
22/09/07 UK: Drugs Worth 100K are Seized in Swoop
21/09/07 Morocco: 5 tons of processed cannabis seized east
21/09/07 Malaysia: 7years jail, 10 strokes of rotan for drug possession
20/09/07 Press Release: 40 Year-old UK Drugs Charity RELEASE To Shut It's
20/09/07 St Kitts: Strike Force uproot weed
20/09/07 UK: Fewer than 1 in 8 recorded crimes end up in court
20/09/07 UK: Cannabis unit boss is jailed
20/09/07 UK: Sussex awash with super-strength skunk
19/09/07 Gambia: 36 Months for Cannabis Cultivator
19/09/07 UK: Dealer Avoids Jail Sentence
19/09/07 UK: Police cannabis raid garden
18/09/07 Big drug running operation bro?
18/09/07 Italy: Three-month ban recommended for Italian fencer
18/09/07 UK: Airport cannabis smuggler jailed
18/09/07 UK: Police uncover drugs den
18/09/07 UK: Child slaves used by gangsters
17/09/07 Australia: Cannabis could prevent mad cow disease
17/09/07 Switzerland: Attack on Chanvre-Info
17/09/07 UK: Skunk strength has doubled, studies suggest
16/09/07 Reclassification of cannabis 'fuels youth crime wave'
16/09/07 UK: Our criminal ignorance of cannabis
16/09/07 Algeria: 2,687 cannabis plants seized, wars of farmers
16/09/07 UK: Man charged after drugs found
15/09/07 Bulgaria: Police Seize 826 Kilos of Cannabis from Secret Dry Houses
15/09/07 UK: Conference on Cannabis
13/09/07 UK: Chemical reactions
12/09/07 UK: Boris Johnson says police are wasting their time chasing cannabis
12/09/07 UK: Boris Johnson says police are wasting their time chasing cannabis
11/09/07 UK: Cannabis pledge by police
09/09/07 US: County issuing pot ID cards
09/09/07 UK: Cannabis duo jailed
07/09/07 UK: Man jailed for managing cannabis factory
06/09/07 UK: Hemp crops to become common, despite cannabis junkie confusion
06/09/07 UK: MP's anger at drug cautions
06/09/07 US: Ruling protects pot patients
05/09/07 UK: Illegal immigrant jailed for cannabis production
05/09/07 UK: Keep off the grass: Warning after cannabis grower loses his freedom
05/09/07 UK: MP sees tenants booted out
04/09/07 Israel: Cannabis may help boost appetite in anorexia sufferers
03/09/07 UK: Legalise medicinal cannabis!
30/08/07 Give peace a chance. Forget the war on drugs
28/08/07 Czech Marijuana Smokers To Be Treated More Moderately
28/08/07 Czech marijuana smokers to b?
26/08/07 UK: What is the long-term effect of cannabis?
26/08/07 UK: What is the long-term effect of cannabis?
23/08/07 Australia: Aussie brings his pain relief to court
23/08/07 UK: It's a drugs jungle
23/08/07 UK: Woman admits drugs charges
21/08/07 Germany Allows Patient Legal Use of Cannabis
21/08/07 UK: FRANK cannabis campaign targets young people
20/08/07 Malaysia: Indonesian labourer gets 15 years for drug possession
20/08/07 UK: Parents who smoke pot in front of children will escape with
19/08/07 UK: MP's Make Hash of War on Drugs
19/08/07 UK: U-Turn on Cannabis Cautions
19/08/07 US: HempFest Turns Sweet 16
19/08/07 US: Medical marijuana legal in California, but feds still raid dispensaries
18/08/07 US: Marijuana Dealers Offer State of California One Billion Dollars
17/08/07 Israel: Role seen for cannabis in helping to alleviate allergic skin
17/08/07 Uganda: Medicinal plants to treat poultry diseases
17/08/07 UK: Drug Reprimand But No Arrest For Almost 500
16/08/07 Bulgaria: High Quality Cannabis Greenhouse Busted In Bulgaria's Capital
16/08/07 UK: The Law Explored: classification of drugs
15/08/07 Dealing with drugs the Dutch way
14/08/07 Netherlands: Amsterdam's hash museum
13/08/07 Smoking Pot Won't Make You Crazy, But Dealing with the Lies about
13/08/07 What to do about toking and driving?
13/08/07 Gambia: Ten Years for Drug Trafficker
13/08/07 Letter: Let's be rational over cannabis
13/08/07 Something in the air, man
13/08/07 UK: Cannabis plants seized
13/08/07 UK: Judge to decide cannabis dispute
11/08/07 UK: Itchy genitals drove man to grow drug, court hears
09/08/07 Australia: Giant cannabis plants found during police raid
09/08/07 Australia: Police gobsmacked by monster cannabis
09/08/07 Factory worker escapes gallows
08/08/07 Canada: Cannabis-based spray painkiller approved for cancer patients
08/08/07 UK: Drugs policy goes up in smoke
08/08/07 UK: U-turn on cannabis highlights lack of logic in 'war on drugs'
08/08/07 UK: Huge hemp factory set for Halesworth
07/08/07 UK: Cannabis: a new smokescreen
07/08/07 UK: Legalise drugs to beat terrorists
07/08/07 US: New Mexico Medical Marijuana Program Moves Forward
05/08/07 Letter: Vaporizer takes danger out of marijuana use
04/08/07 The cure for dopeheads...Dubai-style fear
03/08/07 US: Cannabis minister faces 4 years
02/08/07 Letter: Control Cannabis
02/08/07 UK: Dope: the political =?windows-1252?Q?class=92s_drug_of_?=
02/08/07 UK: Drug prohibition / regulation debate in Parliamentary adjournment
02/08/07 UK: Dope: the political class's drug of choice?
01/08/07 Canada: Tougher controls not needed, experts say
01/08/07 UK: I Smoked Pot Admits MSP
01/08/07 UK: Doping the masses
31/07/07 UK: Cannabis Joint 'As Harmful As Smoking Five Cigarettes'
31/07/07 UK: Cannabis: A Menace or a Medical Marvel?
30/07/07 Dubai jails two Britons over drugs
30/07/07 Reefer Inanity: Never Trust the Media on Pot
30/07/07 UK: Cannabis Factory Found in Manchster
30/07/07 UK: Drugs arrest in Plymouth
29/07/07 UK: Two charged after cannabis factory raids
28/07/07 NORML: Pot Use =?windows-1252?Q?Doesn=92t_Exacerbate_Symptom?=
28/07/07 NORML: Pot Use Doesn't Exacerbate Symptoms of Schizophrenia, Study
28/07/07 Guyana: Fine and community service for treating cold with ganja
28/07/07 UK: Cannabis smokers need to be locked up
28/07/07 UK: Cannabis data comes to the crunch
28/07/07 UK: Suffolk MPs' cannabis confessions
27/07/07 Two arrested in cannabis factory swoop
27/07/07 UK: Cannabis Use Linked to 40% Rise in Risk of Schizophrenia
27/07/07 UK: Research Bolsters the Case for Reclassification
27/07/07 Cannabis Use Raises Risk Of Psychotic Illness Later On By More Than 40%
27/07/07 UK: Experts dismiss case for cannabis reclassification
27/07/07 UK: Q and A: Cannabis
27/07/07 Cannabis Use Raises Risk Of Psychotic Illness Later On By More Than
26/07/07 UK: The drugs strategies don't work
25/07/07 UK: Home secretary unveils drugs consultation
25/07/07 UK: Addicts consulted on drugs fight
25/07/07 UK: Public consulted on drug strategy
25/07/07 UK: Cannabis protest is a flop
24/07/07 Switzerland: Debate rages over cannabis-schizophrenia link
24/07/07 UK: =?windows-1252?Q?It=92s_not_what_you_know_or_who?=
24/07/07 UK: Mental health charity backs cannabis regrade
24/07/07 US: DEA Raids LA Medical Marijuana Clinics
24/07/07 UK: It’s not what you know or who you know, it's which rule you break
22/07/07 UK: Cannabis factories found weekly
22/07/07 UK: Decision on MS cannabis drug urged
21/07/07 Letter: Prohibition is good for no-one,
21/07/07 UK: Yes, I did smoke cannabis says MP
20/07/07 UK: And they inhaled... cabinet ministers line up to admit youthful
20/07/07 UK: A blow for history
20/07/07 UK: Burnham: I smoked pot
20/07/07 UK: GW pulls cannabis drug in Europe, to resubmit 2008
20/07/07 UK: Harman and Denham join cannabis Cabinet
20/07/07 UK: Lancing cannabis =?ISO-8859-1?Q?caf=E9_drugs_raid?=
20/07/07 UK: More smoke than reason
20/07/07 UK: MP John Denham - I smoked dope
20/07/07 UK: Pot Minister Smith Branded 'Hypocritical'
20/07/07 UK: Three quizzed over cannabis cafe
20/07/07 UK: Cannabis: the big lie
20/07/07 UK: Is there any point in making cannabis class B?
19/07/07 Review heralds U-turn on classi?
19/07/07 UK: Home Secretary took cannabis as a student
19/07/07 UK: Home secretary 'smoked cannabis and it was wrong'
19/07/07 UK: Home Secretary admits smoking cannabis
19/07/07 UK: Jacqui Smith admits to smoking cannabis
19/07/07 UK: What they said: Politicians on cannabis
18/07/07 Downing Street Press Release: Public to be consulted on drug strategy
18/07/07 UK: Brown announces fresh review into cannabis classification
18/07/07 UK: Cannabis could be raised to Class B in U-turn
17/07/07 UK: Druglink magazine: drugs reporting is 'irresponsible'
16/07/07 US: Feds target owners renting to pot dispensaries
14/07/07 UK: Cannabis plant Gran has her sentence cut
13/07/07 India: Crackdown on cannabis cultivators in Kashmir
13/07/07 UK: Wheelchair-bound drug dealer spared prison
12/07/07 UK: The very worst policy to combat drugs
12/07/07 India: Valley of gods turns into drug haven
12/07/07 Denmark: Europe's Last Commune Braces for Battle
12/07/07 France: Cannabis use trebles
12/07/07 UK: Single mum admits growing cannabis at home
11/07/07 Opinions on medical marijuana are diverse
11/07/07 Sweden: Man accused of chocolate cannabis fraud
09/07/07 Canada tokes at 4 times world average: UN
09/07/07 Scotland: Campaign shows how to spot teen drug abuse
08/07/07 UK: Tories highlight cannabis dangers in drug blueprint
08/07/07 UK: Tories highlight cannabis dangers in drug blueprint
07/07/07 UK: Eviction lifeline for cannabis gran
07/07/07 US: Ganja Guru gets no punishment in marijuana case ( Ed Rosenthal)
06/07/07 Press Release: Cannabis Gran leaves court smiling
06/07/07 UK: Cannabis 'gardener' is jailed
06/07/07 UK: Gran wins cannabis home use row
04/07/07 UK: Cannabis gran in court again
04/07/07 UK: Cannabis Gran faces eviction
04/07/07 The Netherlands: Smoking in coffee shops will be allowed
03/07/07 Netherlands: Coalition clashes on coffeeshops
03/07/07 Cannabis: Medicine or Malady?
03/07/07 Marijuana Gains Wonder Drug Status
03/07/07 Wales: Suspended sentence for cannabis grower
02/07/07 Indonesia: Cannabis debate angers some Indonesians
02/07/07 UK: Woman let family smoke dope
01/07/07 Morocco aims to stamp out cannabis crops
01/07/07 China: 10 Ugandans face death in China over narcotics
01/07/07 Press Release: Death Penalty for Cannabis
01/07/07 Press Release: Warning: UK Government information on cannabis contains
01/07/07 US: Medical Marijuana: Treatment for Marijuana Dependence
30/06/07 US: New Mexico Law Requires State to Grow Its Own
30/06/07 Letter: Pot blackened
29/06/07 Wales: Sophisticated cannabis factory in Cardiff
29/06/07 Indonesia: Legalizing ganja
28/06/07 Mexico's Drug War
28/06/07 Drug War?
28/06/07 UK: MPs back anti-drug spray in schools
27/06/07 India: Rally, expo held to press home anti-drugs message
27/06/07 India: Rally, expo held to press home anti-drugs message
27/06/07 Indonesian VP oks pot in cooking: report
27/06/07 Singapore: chillies free of cannabis
27/06/07 Singapore: chillies free of cannabis
27/06/07 UK: Drug grower vows to fight on (Neil Morgan)
27/06/07 UK: Drug grower vows to fight on (Neil Morgan)
27/06/07 UK: Man denies running London drugs factory
27/06/07 UK: Man denies running London drugs factory
27/06/07 UK: Plants seized in cannabis factory raid
27/06/07 UK: Plants seized in cannabis factory raid
27/06/07 US: More cities push to nix medical pot shops
27/06/07 US: More cities push to nix medical pot shops
27/06/07 Substance abuse slowing globally: UN
26/06/07 200 million people in world use drugs: UN
26/06/07 LETTER: Experience shows marijuana use doesn't generate violence
24/06/07 Cyprus: Cannabis most common drug
23/06/07 US: Guru of Ganja wants new trial (Ed Rosenthal )
22/06/07 Kosovo Police Destroy Cannabis Fields
22/06/07 Netherlands: Dutch cannabis buyers to be fingerprinted and have faces
22/06/07 UK: Glastonbury drug arrests
21/06/07 UK: Couple - cannabis is medicinal
19/06/07 UK: Council plug for cannabis event
19/06/07 UK: Man claims right to smoke cannabis (Neil Morgan)
17/06/07 Ireland: I'd rather be arrested than give up my dope
16/06/07 US: Government Shows No Compassion for Medical Pot Consumption
16/06/07 Pacific island in spin over planned pro-marijuana conference
15/06/07 Canada: Legally grown cannabis can be safe, clean
14/06/07 UK: Hash Farm Gear will Help Feed Africa
14/06/07 UK: Police take to the sky to uncover cannabis factories
14/06/07 US: Assembly passes grow-your-own bill; medicinal marijuana debate
14/06/07 US: R.I.P Old Ed: The Man Who Introduced Cannabis To Amsterdam
13/06/07 UK: Shop owner denies dealing drugs
13/06/07 Canada: Student suspended for opinion on pot
13/06/07 UK: MEPs back legal cannabis
12/06/07 Europe: One-fifth of MEPs support decriminalisation of cannabis
12/06/07 Singapore: Zambian woman in Singapore faces possible hanging for
12/06/07 UK: BTP arrests 13 people at Isle of Wight Festival
12/06/07 Wales: Majority of cannabis home grown
11/06/07 More cannabis in Sweden than previously thought
11/06/07 Barbados: Cannabis now big political issue in UK
11/06/07 Greece: Over 130 kilos of cannabis found on Crete
11/06/07 Spain: A drugs operation in La Manga has seized 2.5 tons of cannabis
09/06/07 Netherlands: Cabinet: Smoking Only in Separate Areas in Bars from
09/06/07 New frontier for medical cannabis -- topical pot
08/06/07 Cannabis can Help to Treat Allergies, Autoimmune Disorders
08/06/07 Cannabis remedy resurrected
08/06/07 UK: Cannabis-related hospital admissions on the rise
07/06/07 US: Rosenthal convicted again, but will do no time
07/06/07 Netherlands: Minister firm on =?ISO-8859-1?Q?caf=E9_smoking_?=
07/06/07 Netherlands: Minister firm on cafe smoking ban
07/06/07 UK: Cannabis hospital admissions rise
06/06/07 UK: Crewe cannabis factory
06/06/07 UK: Gang jailed for running cannabis factories
06/06/07 UK: Police welcome finger printing advances
06/06/07 US/Canada: Canadian hemp milk looks to nourish US dairy alternative
05/06/07 Could recreational drugs have health benefits?
05/06/07 UK: Fun of the fair turns into party nightmare (Strawberry Fair)
05/06/07 UK: Yet Another pot factory - and this one's the biggest yet
04/06/07 US: WI: Hemp farming anyone?
02/06/07 Australia: Queen of pot gets year's jail
02/06/07 US: WI: Cannabis Measure Passes Senate
01/06/07 Europe: New Restrictions on Some Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shops
01/06/07 UK: Robert Wood smoked cannabis for pain
01/06/07 UK: Couple's 'drugs for pain' claim
31/05/07 Italy: Study finds cocaine, pot in Rome's air
31/05/07 Netherlands: Rotterdam bans cannabis-selling cafes near schools
31/05/07 Scotland: 250,000 UKP cannabis man is jailed
31/05/07 UK: Sentenced for cannabis production
30/05/07 UK: Cannabis farms being priced out
30/05/07 UK: Man who gave friends cannabis faces jail term
29/05/07 EU: 'Brain's own marijuana' regulates brain development, research
23/05/07 UK: Judge allows Dutch treat for cannabis user
22/05/07 UK: Cannabis that can be worn, not smoked
22/05/07 UK: MS sufferer in court over cannabis plants
21/05/07 UK: Cannabis 'eased' MS patient's pain
21/05/07 UK: Man escapes jail term for growing cannabis
19/05/07 UK: George Michael backs cannabis
19/05/07 UK: Pop star Michael backs cannabis use
19/05/07 UK: Michael defends cannabis smoking
18/05/07 UK: Jail for man who ran one of UK's
18/05/07 UK: Jail for man who ran one of...
17/05/07 Australia: Ban on bongs is diversion strategy
17/05/07 Australia: Six arrested under new child protection laws
17/05/07 Ireland: Ministers say they never tried cannabis
17/05/07 Portugal: Two Brits held, 5 tons of cannabis seized by police
17/05/07 UK: Caution for cannabis councillor
17/05/07 US: Making a case for marijuana use in relieving pain
17/05/07 US: Rosenthal retrial opens; Raich decides against appeal
15/05/07 Finland: Hemp making comeback
14/05/07 Europe unites against cannabis in Istanbul
14/05/07 US: Reefer Madness Replaced by Hydro Hysteria
14/05/07 Hungary: Demos staged for legalisation of cannabis in Hungary
13/05/07 British Study Doubts Marijuana Causes schizophrenia-like psychosis
13/05/07 Europe: :Cannabis cash funds Islamist terrorism
13/05/07 UK: Simple DIY kit will show mental health dangers of cannabis
13/05/07 Vapourising cannabis leaves can prevent side effects
10/05/07 Letter: Cannabis Raids Won't Reduce Drug Deaths
10/05/07 UK: A dozen in court on cannabis charges
10/05/07 UK: Cannabis gardener sent to jail
10/05/07 UK: Rastas Defeat Babylon
09/05/07 Letter: Cannabis is not a hard drug and does not kill
08/05/07 Oregon Toxicologist Says Treatment for PTSD Should Include Cannabis
08/05/07 UK: Fourteen arrested in drug raids
08/05/07 UK: Major Drugs Raid
08/05/07 Industrial hemp for the world's ills?
07/05/07 Initial Reports on the Global Marijuana Marches
07/05/07 Australia: Many arrests at Nimbin Mardi Grass
07/05/07 Australia: Smoke with no fire
07/05/07 Canada: Marchers advocate legalizing pot
07/05/07 Russia: Marijuana Activists Brutalized by Moscow Police During Annual
07/05/07 US: Dozens March For Marijuana Reform
07/05/07 US: Scores rally to legalize pot
06/05/07 Czech Rep: Million Marihuana March 2007 takes over Letna
06/05/07 UK: Police pledge to end drugs misery (Norwich)
06/05/07 Canada: Emery, pot paraders demand legalization
06/05/07 Canada: Pot smokers rally for ... um ... what?
06/05/07 Canada: Pot supporters pack Queen's Park on Saturday
06/05/07 Spain: Thousands demonstrate for the legalisation of Marihuana
03/05/07 Marijuana Marches Set for Saturday in More Than 200 Cities Worldwide
03/05/07 UK: Norwich - Drugs raids in city
03/05/07 Vaporized marijuana may be easier on the lungs
02/05/07 US: Hemp milk? It's healthy and legal as hemp cereal
02/05/07 Argentina: Million Marijuana March
02/05/07 Argentina: Million Marijuana March (English)
02/05/07 Canada: High and mighty embrace cannabis culture
02/05/07 Russia: Hemp march to be banned in Moscow - security chief
01/05/07 Letter: Cannabis Fight is Already Lost
01/05/07 New Studies Destroy the Last Objection to Medical Marijuana
30/04/07 Antigua: Asthma sufferer escapes drug fine
30/04/07 New Marijuana Study Discovers What Potheads Have Known for Years
30/04/07 UK: Cannabis chemical may help schizophrenia
30/04/07 UK: Doctors say new findings on =?windows-1252?Q?marijuana=92s_?=
30/04/07 UK: Arthritis Treatment Options
30/04/07 UK: Cannabis chemical may help schizophrenia
30/04/07 UK: Cannabis May Help Treat Schizophrenia
30/04/07 Malaysia: Trader to hang over 61kg ganja
30/04/07 UK: Cannabis chemical curbs psychotic symptoms, study finds
29/04/07 UK: Brain scans pinpoint cannabis mental health risk
29/04/07 UK: Cannabis disrupts brain centre
28/04/07 UK: Cannabis harms mental health, scientists warn
28/04/07 Scotland: Half of SNP cabinet used cannabis
27/04/07 France: 7 Years for Drug Runner
27/04/07 India: 10 years RI for possessing cannabis
25/04/07 UK: Police call for dope 'tickets'
25/04/07 Netherlands: Many Dutch coffee shops close as liberal policies change
25/04/07 UK: Men fined for growing cannabis
24/04/07 UK: MP's cannabis test call
24/04/07 US: Marijuana Martyr Bernie Ellis
24/04/07 Jamaica: Reconvening the ganja committee
24/04/07 UK: Burned to death in cannabis inferno
24/04/07 US: Willie Nelson admits possession of cannabis
23/04/07 Maastricht Mayor: Belgium, Germany need to allow regulated sale of
23/04/07 UK: Police raid cannabis factory (Norwich)
22/04/07 UK: I smoked cannabis too, says health secretary Hewitt
21/04/07 UK: British Hemp The Solution To Climate Friendly Homes?
21/04/07 Morocco's turning tide
21/04/07 Nigeria: Ganja Paradise: The Story of Nigeria's Hemp Market
21/04/07 US: Clergy join push to OK medical pot
21/04/07 US: Pot grower who may lose farm says his only crime was caring
20/04/07 Canada: Protest smokes up the joint
20/04/07 US: A High-Falutin Expression
19/04/07 Police report '420' citations
19/04/07 US: Denver Police Arrest 78 People At Marijuana Rally
19/04/07 Cyprus: Drug dealers to serve double time after appealing sentence
19/04/07 UK: Cannabis dealer avoids jail term
19/04/07 UK: Cannabis farm is smashed
19/04/07 UK: Police Bust 25,000 Pound-a-Year Drugs Factory
19/04/07 US: Make patients the priority
19/04/07 Zambia: 101-year-old Zambian man nabbed over cannabis cultivation,
18/04/07 Dutch and Belgian prime ministers in new diplomatic row over coffeeshops
18/04/07 Dutch coffee shops say cannabis smoke here to stay
18/04/07 Marijuana may help fight lung cancer
18/04/07 UK: Labour's ten-year drugs war has achieved nothing but lower street
18/04/07 UK: 1M Pound House with 800,000 pound of Cannabis in Pool
18/04/07 UK: 14-year-olds use cannabis daily
18/04/07 UK: Get-tough policies fail in war against drugs
17/04/07 Marijuana Compound May Fight Lung Cancer
17/04/07 Press Release: Cannabis Campaigner's Support Magistrates Revolt
16/04/07 Canada: Feds' pot markup 1,500%
16/04/07 UK: Drug policies leave Britain bottom of table
16/04/07 UK: Cannabis laws 'barbaric': MP
16/04/07 UK: Cannabis User in Call for Debate
16/04/07 UK: Junior doctors call for cannabis on NHS

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