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04/08/2007 00:00:00

The cure for dopeheads...Dubai-style fear

Even the soppy liberal media, and their flapping, punctured hero David
Cameron, now admit that cannabis is a nasty poison.

For many shameful years they lied that it was harmless fun.

May God forgive them for the many young people condemned to a life of
staring into space on the locked ward, thanks to their bad advice. So
what are we to do about it?

We know teenagers believe they are immortal and will never be the ones
who end up as gibbering blighted patients.

Parents may advise as much as they like, but old-fashioned fear will
have much more effect. That is why I favour harsh, immediate punishment
for a second offence of possession of this, or any, dangerous drug,
classing drug-taking as what it is – an indulgent act of criminal

How the liberals will squawk. Do I want to fill the jails even fuller?
Not necessarily, though I would build a thousand new jails if necessary
to restore the peace and safety of the good and the gentle.

But I suspect it would take little more than a few dozen well publicised
hard-labour jailings of prominent rock stars and supermodels to change
the damfool, casual attitude towards narcotics that does so much damage
to our society, and which symbolises its selfish abandonment of personal

Such a programme would do more to empty cells than any amnesty offered
by a Government so bankrupt of ideas about crime that it would have long
ago been forced to resign by an opposition made up of anybody but the
Useless Conservatives.

And here's an interesting thing. Our governing class claims not to
believe that punishment changes behaviour. But if you go to the Foreign
Office website you will find a little warning to travellers to Dubai.

"The penalties for drug-trafficking, smuggling and possession are
severe," it says. "The presence of drugs in the body is counted as
possession, and carries a minimum sentence of four years' imprisonment."

Now, do you think the diplomats who posted this information at public
expense thought that by doing so they would increase the number of
British travellers going to Dubai with dope in their luggage?

No. They rather hoped that the British Consul in Dubai will have to
spend less time explaining that he cannot help the latest druggie
dingbat who has flown into the airport assuming he is as safe as he
would be in London but now faces four years of Sharia penal philosophy.

The information is there to scare.

Well, if the threat of imprisonment works for the Foreign Office, surely
it would also work for the Home Office?

But I bet that if you ask Home Secretary Jacqui Smith she will say that
punitive measures don't work. Of course they do, if you really mean them.

Author: Daily Mail via UKCIA

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