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“” is not an online head   shop.Most cannabis seeds are available for sale on-line; we have a catalogue listing of these seeds.

Some countries legally permit the growth of hemp seed.  It is illegal in the United States and Canada to grow hemp seed.  Specific documentation can be found on the World Wide Web as to which countries the sale of hemp or cannabis seed is illegal.  “” advices all potential customers to seek legal advice about the legality of purchasing cannabis seed in their country, before making any purchases.

The cultivation and possession of cannabis for recreational use, is illegal in most countries. “” does not wish to encourage or persuade anyone to take actions that are in any way in conflict with their national laws.

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WARNING:  The UK Drugs Act was originally passed in 1971.  This Act has been amended several times since then.  Section 6 of the original Misuse Drugs Act states; unless the Secretary of State issues authority otherwise, it shall not be lawful for a person to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis.  This Act now states; “Except as authorized by this Act, it shall be an offence for a person to manufacture a controlled drug.” The breaking of this law may result in imprisonment, being fined or both. “” advises all customers and users against breaking their national laws.

“” advise their visitors that the sale, possession, transport or cultivation of cannabis seed is illegal in most countries.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the products ordered are legal in your country. 

“” takes no responsibility for product orders that are prohibited in your country.  By ordering, you accept all responsibilities regarding shipment and the legality of your order. 

Headshops listed on "” are not supposed to ship to countries prohibiting the import of illegal products.     “” will not be held responsible for those orders that are placed illegally, or any legal actions, claims, or court fees in connection with the order of illegal products.

“” advises to investigate the laws of your country prior to placing your order .

If you wish to check the legal status of the actions mentioned above in your country, a good place to start will be here

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