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11/01/2008 00:00:00

Letter: Madness to Legalise Drug

Former Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse in his confusing letter of
December 27 makes use of the overused argument that, if my position is
correct, ‘then alcohol should be banned tomorrow’. Sorry Mr Whitehouse,
this has nothing to do with the issue on cannabis. We are, you seem to
forget, talking about a drug, which, ever increasing evidence shows is a
primary cause of psychoses, schizophrenia and other mental health
problems, legalising it will do nothing to save the lives and sanity of
the people who use it.

Paul Whitehouse is a member of the ‘Transform Drug Policy Foundation’
along with Chief Constable of North Wales, Richard Brunstrom who only a
few days ago was ridiculed in the press for saying that ‘ecstasy was
less harmful than aspirin’. Members of the TDPF all express ‘appeasing
views’ based on a desire to remove controlled drug legislation with the
weird theory that such action would destroy the illegal market and take
the profit out of it. Several letters have been published by Alun Buffry
who, along with Dylis Wood who started off this exchange, is a member of
LCA. (Legalise Cannabis Alliance). Mr Buffry spends a large part of his
time campaigning on the subject of legalising cannabis to the point of
obsession and in one letter even confuses myself with Mr Cope from
Tunstall, (oh dear!). Mr Cope shares similar views to myself over these
matters and comes in for criticism from Mr Buffry as a result. This,
despite Mr Cope’s compassionate views in that he does not object to
cannabis being used for medicinal purposes, and also clearly has had a
very close association with a tragic family circumstance arising out of
cannabis use.

Alison Myrden from Ontario, an MS sufferer, states in her letter (The
Sentinel, January 3) that I should get my facts straight over cannabis
causing schizophrenia, and asks if I truly think that the Government of
Canada would dare to grow it for their group of chronically ill patients
if this was the case. There exists a huge amount of research worldwide,
which suggests that mental health problems do often originate from
cannabis use. One example: Cambridgeshire-based medical unit, Cameo,
which specialises in helping people who are suffering from the early
stages of psychosis, has said about 80 per cent of its clients are heavy
cannabis users. I support the correct controlled research into the drug
which may help people like Ms Myrden. Yes, I know that the Canadian
Government allows the growing of it for research. There appears to be a
useful future for cannabis in medical fields under the right control.
Its use as a harmless recreational drug is, however, far from the truth
and if Ms Myrden feels she is right to disregard the fact that young
people are having their lives ruined because of it, then she should step
back and re-examine the situation. Mr Buffry wishes for the removal of
the legal controls on cannabis so that it may be used as a recreational
drug by whosoever wishes. He has been extremely vocal on the subject
over the years and has replied to articles in the press concerning
tragic incidents surrounding cannabis use with the most unfeeling and
dreadful contempt for the victims, in efforts to manipulate
circumstances best suited to his cause. Having listened to Mr Buffry’s
speech at the LCA conference of 2005, I was disgusted at the lengths the
group seem prepared to go to remove the very necessary legislation that
currently exists. Mr Buffry rambled on about the bad press that was
often obtained by people having accidents when driving after ‘having a
joint’; he came up with some garbled statistics and somehow seemed to be
making light of such matters. In another contemptible speech in 2007 Mr
Buffry shows blatant disregard for the mental health issues saying “is
there any justice in punishing me or you if the child or teenager has
developed mental health problems?” I know that my old fashioned values,
and the way that I care about young people and their futures, are the
right way forward. I am sickened by foolish appeasers such as Brunstrom
and Whitehouse with their madcap ideas. Mr Buffry is only interested in
himself - he couldn’t care less for the youth of this country.

JOHN PYE Newcastle

Comment: see News, Letters:

Author: The Sentinel via UKCIA

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