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24/11/2007 00:00:00

UK: Cannabis farms risking lives of police and public

SOPHISTICATED cannabis farmers are putting the lives of police and the
public at risk.

Police claim increasing numbers of lucrative drug farms are being
uncovered, some in residential streets.

Many can pose a danger to people living nearby as well as the
investigating officers.

The drug farms are often surrounded by dangerous booby-traps to deter
rival gangs and are powered by unprofessionally wired electrics, which
could pose a fire risk.

Adding to the dangers, gas cannisters, which are often stolen from pubs
and clubs, are sometimes used to fill the indoor farms with carbon
dioxide to speed the growth process.

This year, South Wales Police has carried out 49 raids on cannabis
factories – but officers say that number is on the increase as the drug
becomes stronger and more profitable to criminals.

Only this week, police discovered factories in Brunswick Street, Canton,
Cardiff, and the Aber Valley, near Caerphilly, as reported by the Echo.

Detective Sergeant Dinlle Frances, of Bridgend drugs team, said: “It’s a
lot more of a lucrative business than someone growing a few plants in
their garden or attic. Now we have people taking over whole houses and
producing a massive crop.

“Very good quality skunk is double or three times the value it used to
be and the very high quality skunk can have the same effects as class A
drugs in terms of hallucinogens. It can be 10 or 20 times stronger than
it was 20 years ago.”

The increasing strength of the drug is suspected to be linked to
increased mental health risks.

It also means people are more likely to smell drugs from outside the
suburban cannabis farms. The raid in Canton this week was prompted by
two police community support officers, who smelt the drug while patrolling.

Once the farms are identified, raids have to be carried out by officers
who are specially trained to deal with the dangers inside.

Firefighters also have to be on standby in case the hazardous electrics
trigger a blaze or explosion.

The trained officers must look for booby-traps, which are sometimes
installed by criminals to prevent break-ins from other gangs.

Det Sgt Francis said: “We have had door handles wired to the mains and
false windows, so that if someone climbed through a window they would be
spiked on massive nails.”

While checking for traps and fire hazards, officers must wear protective
masks to help them breathe safely while the area is ventilated.

“When the officers enter the house, the atmosphere can be quite toxic,”
said Det Sgt Francis.

“It’s not only because of the strength of the drug itself, but mainly
because of the CO2 contained inside.

“There have been instances in other forces where officers have been
overcome by it.”

A spokesman for Western Power, which is responsible for electricity
cabling in South Wales, said police often call them to deal with
hazardous wiring after cannabis factory raids.

He said: “We are quite regularly being called out to houses to make safe
properties where the power supply has been tampered with.

“Usually, the people responsible cut into the electricity cable as it
comes into the house and before it reaches the meter. They then run a
series of extensions around the property from this point to power
heaters and lighting.

“Obviously, these people are literally dicing with death. They are
tampering with live cables that carry the kind of voltages that can
easily kill.”

Author: South Wales Echo via UKCIA

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