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06/05/2007 16:00:00

UK: Police pledge to end drugs misery (Norwich)

Police in Norfolk have today reiterated their desire to tackle the
misery caused by illegal drugs, as new figures show drug-related deaths
have almost doubled in just two years.

The latest Government figures show that during 2005 60 people in the
county suffered drug-related deaths - a rise from just 34 in 2003.

This has prompted the city's coroner, drug workers and families of
victims to voice their concerns over the rise.

However, Norfolk Constabulary says it will continue to take a hard line
on drugs and vowed to do all it can to catch and imprison organised dealers.

In the last few weeks the force has carried out numerous successful drug
raids on properties across the county.

Det Sgt Dave Mytton, responsible for seven successful raids in Norwich
alone over the past fortnight resulted in 11 arrests and the seizure of
about 2,000 cannabis plants, said: “I hope this recent series of raids
and arrests has sent out a strong message to criminals. We will not
tolerate it and we are taking action and if you are involved in plying
this trade, it is only a matter of time before we turn up on your doorstep.”

The figures, which came were released in Parliament, are even more
concerning when compared to other areas in East Anglia - most of which
showed reductions in drug-related deaths over the same period.

In Suffolk there were 25 drug related deaths in 2005, in Hertfordshire
there were 43, while in Cambridgeshire there were 26.

Essex showed a slight increase from 45 in 2003 to 47 in 2005 - but it
was still substantially lower than Norfolk.

Penny McVeigh, chief executive of Norwich-based drug and alcohol
advisory service Norcas, today described the figures as “extremely

She said: “The sad truth of the matter is that the number of problematic
drug users continues to increase across the country and Norfolk is no

“Consequently there are increases in the number of drugs related deaths.
It should however be seen in context with the number of alcohol related
deaths which will be considerably higher. The part that alcohol plays in
alcohol-related deaths is considerably more significant than these very
sad drugs figures.”

Norwich Coroner William Armstrong said: “Certainly there are a
depressing number of people who are dying through drugs misuse.”

Shirley Waller, 42, is the widow of Stephen, 40, who died from a heroin
overdose in January 2004 after a court blunder led to him being let out
of Norwich Prison 10 weeks early.

Mrs Waller, of Lakenham, who had three daughters with her husband,
described the figures as “disgusting” and showed more needed to be done
in this area to help drug users and abusers.

She “It doesn't seem as if anything has been done to help anyone.

“There's not anything to show anyone the way - I never see any advice or
anything for people. It just seems a shame the figures are going up.

“I feel so sorry for the other families, I wouldn't wish what me and my
daughters have gone through on anyone.”

A Norfolk police spokesman said: “A key element of our work is to reduce
the number of deaths associated with the misuse of illegal drugs. We do
this by making our work with partner agencies a priority. Both crime
reduction and harm reduction are overlapping considerations and we
continue to work closely with the Norfolk Drug and Alcohol Action Team
to achieve our aims.”

Daniel Harry, from Norfolk's Drugs and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT), said
the figures quoted were potentially “misleading” as they list a large
number of different statistical definitions of drug related deaths.

He said: “The DAAT, in common with all DAATs across the UK, works to
reduce the harm caused by illegal drugs. A key element of this work is
to reduce the number of deaths associated with the misuse of illegal drugs.

“It is a priority for the DAAT to work with partners to reduce the
number of drug related deaths in Norfolk. An example is the 2005
Ambulance protocol between Norfolk Constabulary, East Anglia Ambulance
Trust and Norfolk Drug and Alcohol Action Team.

“This means that people whose friends have overdosed can call for an
ambulance without Police automatically attending. In the past, the fear
of Police attending has deterred people from phoning for an ambulance,
increasing the risk of a drug related death. The Police will still
attend where Ambulance staff fear for their safety or if there is a
suggestion of foul play.”

# Further details about the work carried out by the Norfolk Drug and
Alcohol Action Team can be found on the website

Author: Evening News: Norwich via UKCIA

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