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04/03/2008 00:00:00

Eradicating a Plant: A United Nations Project

For some years now the United Nations has by international agreement set
out to eradicate not only to put a halt to the so-called “drug” use of
cannabis, but also to actually eradicate the hemp plant from the planet
– apart of course from their own uses.

This, of course, is nothing entirely new. Ever since the “industrial
revolution” there has been an elite of profiteering megalomaniacs who
want to run the world, and to do that they had to create a world where
the people became totally dependent on the products of industry, not

The US Civil war was a war between the industrial and the agricultural.
Huge numbers were working as slaves and when the slaves were freed they
began to seek work for a pittance in the factories being set up in the
victorious North. The war on hemp is down to the same greed and power
struggle that was behind so many wars.

Now consider what measures you would want to take if that was part of
your aim:

You would want to prevent the production of seeds / clones. You would
want to attack the farmers, limit cultivation. You would want to prevent
sale You would want to limit production. You would need to mis-educate
the public in order to get away with such a scheme.

The so-called “mind-altering” properties of cannabis could certainly be
one way to scare the people into believing that the plant was dangerous
and that it had to be banned, despite it’s many beneficial uses.

So is any surprise that we have witnessed such bias and deceit about the
plant that even our own Government is confused as to just how dangerous
it is in comparison to other substances, whilst authorising extreme
force against those who choose to cultivate it.

In the last 12 months or so, we have watched the following developments
around the world: In the UK, medical cannabis supply operations like
THC4MS, and medical users prosecuted. Increased number of raids on
Cannabis “Factories” (strange that they call them factories yet they
contain plants, whereas many chemical factories are often called
chemical plants!” Now the Prime Minister is talking about making
cannabis a class B drug (again!) – how ridiculous. The Police are
arresting cannabis growers whilst doing nothing to stop the real
gangster-profiteers contaminating cannabis with grit, glass and
who-knows-what – all the Government has done is warn doctors and
clinics, not the users themselves.

Dutch clones have also been banned; closure of many Dutch Coffeeshops;
strict contracts and laws on eviction of tenants or mortgage holders who
are caught growing cannabis, even with confiscation of property. Dutch
seed producers attached; also Swiss seed companies attacked. Over 300
Hemp shops in Switzerland closed down. Swiss hemp activist and farmer
André Fürst arrested and imprisoned just last month. When masked men
attacked the hemp farming community, police closed down the community!

In Southern Australia, they are banning books and magazines with
articles about growing cannabis, and making it a requirement that owners
of hydroponics equipment explain their uses. They will be watching and
closing down hydroponics shops.

In Singapore, magazines like weed World are banned.

In Nepal, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and elsewhere, attacks
continue on cannabis farmers, often destroying their livelihoods.

In China, Malaysia, Indonesia and several Arab states, they still
execute people for cannabis possession. In many countries sentences in
excess of ten years in prison are given out frequently, where there is
no crime other than the cannabis crime committed.

Meanwhile, what have we really done in the face of this resolution by
the UK and these attacks on otherwise law-abiding people and farmers?

The people seem to be swallowing the Lie, hook, line and sinker. The
vast majority of those who use cannabis have sat by and done nothing. In
the UK alone there is said to be somewhere between 1.5 and 4 million
regular cannabis users- and as many as 1 in 3 adults have tried it.

It’s probable that the majority of the House of Commons have at one time
tried it.

In the future, I believe, the situation regarding cannabis will worsen
both here and abroad. Why do I think that – well back to my opening
statement – because “the United Nations has by international agreement
set out to eradicate” cannabis. We will see continued attacks on
growers, and them growshops, magazines and medical users who go public.

And if we’re not lucky enough to be growing our own and getting away
with it, we will have to choose between contaminated cannabis like grit
weed, and nothing.

The LCA is an organisation that enables activists to stand up and speak
for themselves, in their own words, for their own reasons and with their
own motivation, requiring no educational or other standards other than a
sincerity and strength of conviction.

We invite you to join us and fight this plan to eradicate cannabis.

Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA)
PO Box 2883

Author: Weed World Issue 73 via UKCIA

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