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11/01/2008 00:00:00

UK: Alcohol Abuse Outstrips Cannabis 16-1 under Brown's Government.

The government is using the cannabis issue as a smoke-screen, which its
using to hide the fact it has created a dangerous situation regarding a
stratospheric rise in the numbers of young people being hospitalised by
alcohol abuse.

The Department of Health is claiming to have kept almost 500 young
cannabis users per week or 10,000 per year out of the criminal justice
system by making more places available on drug rehabilitation programs.

A stratagy which helps young people find work later in life, without the
stigma of a police criminal record to overcome.

Rather than prosecute cannabis users, specifically those of a certain
age group which includes young people up to the age of 16, police and
the courts are more turning to alternative forms of 'punishing'
offenders, such as ordering them to attend drug rehabilitation programs
for instance and in the case of young cannabis users particularly the
Department of Health should be congratulated publicly in keeping these
youngsters out of the criminal system.

Professor Ian Gilmore's opinions are supported by charity 'Alcohol Concern'

But using the figures to make a point in a game of political ping-pong
smacks of desperation on the part of the Labour party, especially when
the Department of Health also indicates there are over 160,000 alcohol
related admissions into the UK's hospital system per year, which equates
to an 'intoxicating' 1220 hospital admissions per day, as a result of
alcohol abuse!

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that 8,221 died from
drink-related illnesses in 2004 compared to 4,144 in 1991.

During the same period there were no deaths as a result of using cannabis.

Surely a fact which puts the UK's drug problem firmly into perspective,
with alcohol abuse a social issue which cannot be ignored any longer.

Using Department of Health figures from the the start of the new
millenium as a datum point, shows the numbers admitted into hospital,
including casualty departments has shown an unprecedented and
catastrophic rise of 99% across all age groups.

As well as a jump of over 40% in the amounts of under-18's who have
received emergency room treatment for liver problems, injuries from
fighting and brawling whilst under the influence of alcohol, and those
needing to have their stomach pumped.

Its come as no surprise these massive rises in the amounts of young
people being harmed by alcohol, coincides squarely with the government's
decision to allow 24 hour drinking across the nation.

Facts which must bring pressure to bear on Prime Minister Gordon Brown,
to address this issue as a matter of the highest priority.

According to Ian Gilmore, who is president of the Royal College of
Physicians, "It shows the current measures to stem alcohol-related
health damage, and especially in our young people, aren’t working."

“That is why we have been looking for real evidence-based ways of
reducing the burden of health damage for alcohol misuse, namely tackling
price and availability,” Prof Gilmore said."

Which is clearly a policy the Labour government under Prime Minister
Brown disagrees with as he announced recently he would not re-open the
file on 24 hour drinking, commenting he was happy the strategy was
achieving the results he wanted it to achieve.

Set up in February 2007, the Canna Zine is the first-in-the-world news
agency dedicated to the global issues surrounding cannabis, hemp and
illicit drugs in general. To post your press release, sign up for a free
account on , post your news release, and the
Canna Zine will do the rest. Canna Zine - more 'evolution' than
revolution! A new era in postitive response communications.

Author: Cannazine via UKCIA

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