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30/04/2007 16:00:00

UK: Arthritis Treatment Options

There are definite goals in the treatment of Arthritis (whatever type)
which need to be factored in when deciding on a course of action and
this course of action may be complex. To achieve such goals may need a
combination of treatments including conventional medicines, effective
alternative treatments, changes in diet and food, rest, exercise,
lifestyle changes (such as the need to lose weight) and the protection
of the joints.

When you have arthritis, you may well need to work closely with your
doctor or specialist to find the optimum combination of treatments that
will work for you. This decision making process will take into account
the diagnosis, the severity of the disease and how you have responded to
any treatment up to now. As time progresses, circumstances change and
treatments may also need to change or there may be side effects. In
addition, new forms of treatment are being tested all the time.

Some of the conventional treatments available are:

-- Pain relievers such as paracetamol.
-- Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin (in small
doses these also have pain killing qualities) - prolonged use of
anti-inflammatories can cause stomach problems.
-- Steroids - effective in reducing inflammation but there are long term
side effects.
-- DMARDS - disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs are used for types of
arthritis that involve problems with the immune system. They therefore
act on the immune system.
-- BRMS - biologic response modifiers are increasingly used in early
disease as they have been shown to be effective in preventing the long
term damage to the joints. They are expensive and are administered by
either injection or infusion.
-- Surgery - if damage to a joint is severe enough and other treatment
is not working, your doctor may recommend surgery. There are several
different types of surgery such as the removal of the inflamed lining of
the joint or the painful covering of tendons, the release or repair of
tendons, the removal of bone to relieve pain, the release of trapped
nerves, the fusing of joints or the replacement of a damaged joint with
an artificial joint. Joint replacement is the most common form of
surgery for arthrtitis.

In England, tests are being carried out on the use of cannabidiol (which
is a natural constituent of cannabis that has no mind altering effects
in it purified form) for the treatment of arthritis pain.

Amoils offers all natural treatments for common conditions and ailments
using essential oils. Visit our Arthritis page for more information.

Author: Medical News Today via UKCIA

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23/05/08 Cannabis Vs Alcohol: The British public demands answers
10/05/08 uK: Cannabis set to be re-classified
10/05/08 U.K:Cannabis: who cares if it's B or C?
01/05/08 UK: Confused? You may be

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