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02/11/2007 00:00:00

UK: Police in 'eco terrorists' cannabis farmers row

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have hit out at police claims that cannabis farmers
are eco-terrorists.

Sgt John Fryer, of Colne police, said the amount of electricity needed
to grow the drug seriously damaged the environment.

A 27-year-old man received a caution after special operations units
helped neighbourhood officers to execute a drugs warrant in James
Street, Colne. Growing equipment and 71 plants were discovered in a bedroom.

The man faces further investigation by United Utilities on suspicion of
bypassing the electricity meter.

Sgt Fryer said, in a case earlier this year, £1,800-worth of electricity
had been stolen to power lamps and fans for three months.

"Cannabis-smoking types tend to be hippies who are into Save the Whales
and looking after the environment," he said.

"Everyone is concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, yet we get
these clowns using up three years' worth of electricity in a month or
two just so they can get off their heads. The greenhouse gasses they
must emit to grow this stuff will be horrendous. These people are
environmental terrorists."

Pendle Friends of the Earth co-ordinator Mr Brian Jackson, of Winewall,
backed the prosecution of people who steal electricity, but accused Sgt
Fryer of missing the point.

"Growing marijuana is not an environmental issue," he said. "Using
electricity is, but linking the two like that is outrageous and

"If cannabis was such a major issue and a menace to society, then all
these people arrested for growing would be getting more than cautions.

"If the police and the Government really are concerned about carbon
footprints, they should allow people to grow it at home, for their own
use, so they wouldn't need to harm the environment or
mix with potentially dangerous criminals."

Police had been criticised for carrying out so many raids on cannabis
farms. It was seen by some as a waste of taxpayers' money, mainly
because most of the offenders only received cautions.

Sgt Fryer said: "I can understand the public's point of view to an
extent, but there's more to it than that.

"People don't get their equipment back, which hits them hard, and they
know they will get more than a caution if they're caught again.
Bypassing meters is dangerous and irresponsible. They could burn the
house down, putting themselves and their neighbours at risk.

"Cannabis is difficult to get hold of in Colne now, which shows we are
being successful.

"I'm sick and tired of people slagging us off and asking us why we're
bothering. If encouraging people to change their behaviour means doing a
raid every day, we will do a raid every day."

Author: Pendle Today via UKCIA

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