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Cannabis Faq

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What are the medical uses of marijuana?

Medical uses of Marijuana (Cannabis)

The human body has its own way of regulating the processes going on inside it specifically the nervous and immune systems. This natural way is not always effective not because of any fault in the human system but more because the person does not take care of the body enough to sustain it with the nutrients needed. This is where the idea of formulating Cannabis leaves as an aid for the inhibition of pain and stress was born.

There are documentations that indicate Cannabis may be used to treat medical conditions and chronic illnesses like nausea, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, glaucoma, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. The records are not definite and vary in their account of how Cannabis is used as treatment.

Patients’ stories abound of how they have undergone positive results in Cannabis use as treatment and some scientific discoveries were based on these patient experiences such as the therapeutic use for Tourette’s Syndrome, its employment as relaxant, appetite enhancer and analgesic.

Significant observations have exposed the positive effects of Cannabis in Alzheimer patients as far as increasing appetite and diminishing the distressed conduct of the patients are concerned. THC, which is an active chemical that can be found in Cannabis is mainly responsible for the “high” feeling that is derived from Cannabis.THC is supposed to inhibit the cell division and the growth of new blood vessels in cancers.

(1). Pain Management

Pain like fear is a very powerful feeling that man experience. A person experiencing chronic pain can be driven to do things they would not normally think of. This is why despite the concerns on the use of Cannabis products as a pain management drug; people still go on using it.

(2). Illnesses Affecting Mobility

Research has shown that patients with Tourette’s Syndrome experienced an improvement in the control of symptoms associated with their disease like decreased tremors. There is anecdotal proof that Cannabis eases spasticity although no published works yet regarding the same.

(3). Nausea and Vomiting

THC is used to counteract the nauseous effect brought about by diseases like AIDS and hepatitis or side effects of other therapies. Although there are risks to the respiratory organs, for patients living constantly with these symptoms such as cancer patients; the risk is outweighed by the improvement on the quality of life.

(4). Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases

According to research done on chronic smokers of Cannabis, it can control both the function and production of regulatory proteins. Therefore, cannabinoids may be considered for treatment of inflammatory disease such as Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

(5). Spasticity

For Multiple Sclerosis patients, stiff and aching muscles and joints are a way of life. This is why they have learned to look for relief in Cannabis treatment. Even the effect of helping them sleep is valued in itself.

(6). Anorexia and Cachexia

Studies and tests done with THC on Alzheimer patients who were unresponsive to food showed positive results in increasing their body weight. For AIDS patients, increased appetite over a period of more than six months was observed.

(7). Glaucoma

Cannabis can lessen the pressure to the eyes in glaucoma patients although it can’t be determined how this happens. Glaucoma affects the optic nerves which is responsible for bringing the messages from the eyes to the brain to create visuals. This illness can mean permanent blindness. It is popular for doctors to suggest substitute treatments since no one medication can relieve pressure to the eyes for a longer term.

(8). Asthma

THC relieves the constriction of the mucous membranes and dilates the bronchial passages which relieve asthma. Patients do need to consider other forms of intake such as oral versus inhalation.

(9). Epilepsy

THC has anticonvulsant effects on epileptic patients. It supposedly suppressed seizures with little or almost no side effects. Epilepsy affects the brain cells and seizures are common at any time with almost no warning. Use of Cannabis reduces the occurrence of headaches and seizures.

(10). Psychiatric Symptoms

People with mood affecting diseases such as anxiety, bipolar and sleep disorders as well as dysthymia were given THC as a treatment. Experts are still debating the pros and cons of this as an alternative and to get therapeutic results. It is up to the discussion of patient and doctor to weigh and decide which is more important.

(11). Dependency and Withdrawal

Studies show Cannabis can fight withdrawal symptoms for opium and alcohol dependency. There is a reduce physical indication of withdrawal and the emotional stress that comes with it.

(12). Miscellaneous, Mixed Syndromes

Different patients and authors alike have given Cannabis rave reviews in treating medical conditions. Ultimately it is still up to the patient to decide based on the symptoms and the risks they have to take.

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