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Home > FAQ > What are the main things to consider when first trying Salvia divinorum?

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Cannabis Faq

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What are the main things to consider when first trying Salvia divinorum?

It is important for anyone thinking of trying a new psychoactive to try to acquaint themselves whatever medical contraindications and problems are currently known. Once the decision has been made to try the substance, perhaps the most important things to think about when planning to try Salvia divinorum are: Have a Sitter, Create a Safe Space, Plan your Time, Prepare your Aesthetic Environment, Think about Medications, & Know the Effects.

Have a Sitter An individual planning to take Salvia divinorum should have a non-inebriated "sitter" present at all times. Under the effects of S. divinorum, people have been known to get up and walk around, completely unaware of their surroundings with a 'blank' look in their eyes. It is possible that someone in such a mental state might walk into traffic, off a ledge, etc. People have been known to stumble about, knocking over and subsequently breaking glass objects. A non-inebriated friend (preferably one who is familiar with the effects of S. divinorum and/or other psychoactive drugs) should act as a 'sitter', to protect one's physical body while one is in the S. divinorum 'trance'. In some cases the trance is considered a light one, and it can be broken by noise or by turning on the lights and opening one's eyes. Frequently the trance will come back, if one returns to quiet and darkness. In extreme cases, someone under the influence of S. divinorum may become agitated and need to be calmed down or restrained.

It is very important to have a trusted, non-inebriated sitter present during all S. divinorum voyages, and particularly so during the early voyages when one is getting used to the effects of the plant. The sitter should know that in the majority of cases, even if the person who has taken S. divinorum is 'freaking out', such a condition does not last long and it is best to remain as calm as possible, try to non-verbally reassure the tripper at first, and keep them from leaving the pre-defined area, and verbally reassure the person if necessary. Within 10 to 60 minutes, the situation should improve. Inexperienced sitters should be encouraged to read for themselves about the effects and the basics of 'guiding'. There is some information at, which can help the sitter have a better idea of what their role may entail. A search in the Erowid Experience Vaults on the term 'sitter' will turn up a number of accounts of S. divinorum use that might also be helpful to read.

Create a Safe Space The space where the experience will take place should have dangerous objects put away and should be surveyed for potential accidents. If there are any candles burning, a person moving around deep in a trance might accidentally start a fire. Experienced S. divinorum users strongly suggest that the best way to take S. divinorum is lying comfortably in bed in a dimly lit room. Do not smoke Salvia divinorum while standing. There should be nothing potentially dangerous around (fire, knives, guns, glass), and the phone should be taken off the hook so that one won't be disturbed.

Plan your Time Think carefully about when your next obligation to the outside world will occur and choose carefully a time that will not require driving or other activity for a period appropriate to the route of ingestion. Experienced users often choose to plan entire days for their work with powerful entheogens so that there is no obligation between the time they wake up and when they go to sleep. An individual using S. divinorum should not operate a car or heavy machinery until the effects have fully receded. One should wait until one is completely 'down' and no longer experiencing any effects, and then wait another hour to be safe before driving or operating machinery.

Prepare your Aesthetic Environment Along with creating a safe space to be in, it is also important to pay attention to the visual and audio aspects of the environment. Some people prefer silence, and others like various sorts of 'mood' music (generally without vocals). Many experienced users prefer to be in softly lit rooms.

Think about Medications As with all other strong psychoactives, its important that the user consider carefully the herbs, supplements, and medications that they have ingested within the last few days. While there is little known about cross-reactions between Salvia divinorum and other herbs and medications at this point, mixing medications can lead to unexpected results.

Know the Effects New users should acquaint themselves with the general effects of Salvia divinorum so that they are not expecting cannabis-like effects. The plant they are working with has the potential to be extremely powerful.

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