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How can I list my site in
Answer is the first and only comparison engine for cannabis seeds and related cannabis products. Our goal is to promote the online cannabis culture. We do this by making it easy to find information about cannabis related products, compare them with similar products and compare their prices in different head shops and seed banks.

Get the best traffic on the Internet

Canaseed is managed by SEO and GUI experts. We focus our effort to obtain and provide you with quality traffic. Canaseed is a cannabis comparison engine, which leads to purchase oriented traffic. Tens of thousands enter Canaseed to find:

What is the best product for them – Canaseed uses a smart search technology. This allows the visitors to easily filter and compare the products and stores that meet their desire. The search includes hundreds of products from dozens of different Headshops, Seed Banks and Online Stores.

Where is the best place to buy it – Canseed presents stores that offer the selected products, and compares them by: Price, Shipping Details, Product Description and other useful criteria, eventually linking the user directly to the product page in the selected store.

SEO Experts - gets its traffic mostly (90%) from Search Engines. By providing the Internet with a helpful tool, our knowledge helps us rank in top positions in over 9000 related Search Engine keywords, Among them Cannabis Seeds, Marijuana Seeds, Weed Seeds and Pot Seeds.

With every expansion to new product category, Canaseed is concentrating its Seo resources to maximize’s rank in as many related keywords.

Stat and numbers
Over 45,000 unique visitors a month.
Over 300,000 Page views a month.
Average of 600 clicks per store a month.   
High number of return visit.
High growing rate of visitors

Listing in Canaseed

Listing of product categories include:

  • Listing all of your site’s products on
  • Product info pages to all products listed.
  • Every product leads to a “Buy Now” button, linking all of your products to their specific page in your site.
  • Your store’s own info page!
  • Adding your store to the Headshops category.
  • Including your shop in seed categories and comparisons.
  • Product Categories include any amount of products your site requires. We currently list seeds only (Coming soon are Bongs and Herbal Highs.) invites you to take part of the revolution. However, we must pay our bills and therefore require a small listing and subscription fee for our Engine.

Listing Fee

One-time fee for listing all of your products from one category

$300 Only

Subsctiption fee

Monthly fee for Q.A and general maintenance

$200 per month.

Special Promotion

New listing promotion

Get 2 First Months Free!
(after paying the listing fee)

1 Year Subscription

Buy one year’s subscription, including 12 months listing.

$2000 only

For more information or ordering: Contact Us

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