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Warning! Germination, selling, dealing, importing, exporting of pot seeds is illegal in most countries.
The headshops listed are intended for use ONLY in places where marijuana seeds are legal!

Serious Seeds Serious Seeds Currently Listing 5 Seeds Serious Seeds Seeds List
Serious Seeds is a small firm, concentrated on the production of high-quality, stable and consistent varieties of cannabis seeds. Top quality smoking cannabis for their customers is the highest priority.

Independent and reliable lab tests (over 20 years of experience in this field) have shown that the different Serious Seeds strains produce the strongest plants (highest in THC content) available on the market today, averaging between 18-22%THC. These tests were done on plants grown from the same seeds as the customer gets.

For most of their strains, stable plants are crossed to produce vigorous F1 hybrids that they sell. You can be assured of good germination and uniform plants. Serious Seeds are produced in small numbers and are always fresh and handselected. Also, they test every batch of seeds for germination rate and uniformity of the resulting plants before releasing it. Every bag is numbered for this reason, keep the original package and the number in case problems do occur.

Why are there only five strains in the Serious line?

First of all, they want to keep quality high and only release a seed strain once it is stable and consistent. In addition, their company has recently improved their existing strains through good selections. When they improve a strain, they sell the bettered product with the same name. Some other companies give these improvements new names and consider them to be "new" strains. Having sixty kinds that are essentially variations on five themes is not their goal.

Working in this way it takes time to produce a new strain which meets their quality standards to rank next to the existing strains of Serious Seeds. Sorry to all the people that constantly ask for new names, but they are working on new strains, not making up new names. Female seeds still prove to be unreliable: they are not consistently high-quality, nor are the plants 100% female, especially when grown outdoors. Therefore they choose still not to start selling female seeds. As with their other products, when they have something "serious", they will release it.

It is impossible to know anything about the end product by looking at the seed. One of the nice things about Serious Seeds is that some of their outlets in Amsterdam sell weed grown from the real plants. This allows you to try the end product before buying the seeds. A second measure of their quality is the huge number of awards that their five strains have earned over the last six years. The best known cannabis contest is the High Times Cannabis Cup, held annually in Amsterdam and judging dozens of entries. In the last seven years they have received 15 awards from the judges in this event. The press is enthusiastic about their products and the buzz around them is noticable.

Indoor or outdoor?

All their strains are developed inside, under HPS lights. This means that they thrive under these conditions. From the experiences of their customers, they know that when grown outside under the right conditions, the results can be even better than with indoor growing. No surprise here, what could be better than the sun itself? With the help of a greenhouse, tunnel or mild climate, any of their strains can be grown out of doors.

Indoor or outdoor growing is really then a question of "where do you plan to grow this crop and what can you do to extend the growing season with protection?"

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Warning! Germination, selling, dealing, importing, exporting of pot seeds is illegal in most countries.
This site is intended for use only in places where marijuana seeds are legal.

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