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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Sweet Haze Information

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Sweet Haze -
This plant has Haze!!!! She is a tall one, but not airy like a haze, she managed to keep the yield of the Cannalope with a haze bite. We see quite a mix with this one, some tall some huge but all have the classic “Haze” flavor. This seed yields a maximum of 400/500 grams/m3.
Yield SogHigh
Flowering Period weeks9 (9+)
TypeMostly Sativa
Harvesting Month11 (October-November)
Seed BankDna Genetics
Feminized Marijuana SeedsNo

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
-High9Mostly Sativa11IndoorNoNormal
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Date: 22/10/2010

There is a lot of variety with this pack of seeds! Some display Haze traits; foxtails, stinky like a skunk, etc. Some display Cannalope traits, compact, fruity smell, etc. You are bound to find a fem plant with the desired charastics DNA had in mind... The ideal is a spade shaped bud with heavy crystals. When properly cured, it's not dank stank so much as a mellon aroma and the high it up and cerabral and focuses mainly between your eyebrows and above your nose. Highly recommended for those that are growing for Quality not Quanity. Not recommended for pain management.

Name: mouse

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