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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Spoetnik #1 Information

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Spoetnik #1 Paradise Seeds 1 - 10 Seeds
Spoetnik #1 is a versatile plant with excellent resistance to a wide variety of horticultural problems. She has compact rock hard buds, and offers an unusually cerebral stone for a pure Indica – an uplifting, meditative awareness.

This variety is a superb spectacle. Her slow start may cause growers concerns. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she bursts forth around day 38 or 40 of the flowering cycle. Spoetnik #1 seems like she is reviving her engines, storing up everything she is fed for the countdown in the last 2 weeks of flowering, when she explodes with amazing power.

By harvest, the plants look oily, thanks to their heavy coating of glands. Her colas form into rockets: long and cylindrical.

She tastes like dark Corinthian grapes mixed with a mineral, astringent touch on the exhale.
The effects of this pure Indica strain are surprisingly uplifting, with no physical crash at the end. The high is felt mostly on the top of the head and in the face.

Yield SogVery High
Flowering Period weeks7 (7-8)
Thc PercentageNull (15-18)
Harvesting Month10
Seed BankParadise Seeds
Feminized Marijuana SeedsYes

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
MediumVery High7Indica10BothYes-
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Price for 1 Seed
$10.4 - $11.4

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Date: 10/07/2007

1st ever grow was made easy by this. I have huge buds that are sticky and sweet smelling. Very impressed, 7 out of 10 grew successfully and are ready to be cut down in the next 7 days - I cant wait!!

Name: em
Date: 24/12/2007

fed up of waiting for these fuckers is it ever going to happen for me will i be old and grey before they explode

Name: grey old man
Date: 30/08/2008

Agree with last comment above. Seems as if its gonna take forever to come up, as been in flower for over 6 week now and results so far not bearing fruit. Dont boher with this.

Name: b1gga
Date: 30/12/2008

Hey dimwits it takes a little time to let this strain show..Mine exploded around the 40th day and by the end ( 8th week) they were hugh and very tasty! In Canada there is a plant called "G5" - Galaxy 500. It's amazingly fast and heavy yielding, only place to find it is in Toronto.

Name: Buzzer
Date: 17/03/2009

This stuff is the schniz bang brotha, we call it the retard weed due to it's retardation affects after one medicates with it. The only problem.... it makes my sinuses go haywire just looking at it! Enjoy!

Name: Roebear
Date: 20/10/2012

Some of these reviews are mind-boggling. If you 'hobby growers' seriously can't wait 40 days (to begin seeing results) you should NOT be growing. Find another hobby. Do you guys know what it's like to flower for 11-14 weeks?! lol. Anyway, I do not (yet) have a review to offer for this particular strain, BUT, I did just receive a 10 pack of feminized today and will be looking to germinate them a.s.a.p. and get them in the flowering room along with my S.A.G.E. and Grape Fruit Kush. I look forward to writing a review in about 14 weeks. Peace. Legalise

Name: Higzy

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legal bud at

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