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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Lowryder Information

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Lowryder The Joint Doctors 1 - 10 Seeds
The Joint Doctor's are proud to present a brand new strain of Cannabis, freshly-brought to the market with some very unique characteristics. This new strain, entitled Lowryder, has the distinction of being an auto-flowering plant suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Lowryder can be easily kept concealed, due to its small size and and early flowering, which makes it perfect for growing outdoors. When planted in the spring, it will produce ripe bud earlier than any available variety. It can be planted, grown and harvested several times per season (in one’s backyard for instance), without attracting undue attention. Because of its smaller-size, the yields are low in comparison to larger strains, but this is a plant designed for stealth. Due to its lightning-fast life cycle (8 weeks), Lowryder can be planted up to early August. It can be easily and successfully grown in the most unlikely locations, from Alaska and Canada’s Arctic (Lowryder will flower and finish in the continuous light of Arctic summers) to the urban apartment balconies of the world!

To compliment its unique characteristics, Lowryder’s final appearance, taste, and high, have nothing to envy of the finer weed varieties. This is an excellent smoke with high potency and amazing resin production. A new but, undoubtedly, amazing new strain that provides quality, consistency and discretion.

Yield SogLittle
Flowering Period weeks5
Harvesting Month9
Seed BankThe Joint Doctors
Feminized Marijuana SeedsNo

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
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Date: 06/07/2007

I would consider growing that strain in the winter for bubblehash though..thats about the only use I would find for it, as I dont care for its potency to yield ratio.

another novelty strain IMO..I see how it would be good for folks in the extreme north, or for windowsill grows though, but thats about it.

Name: Ron
Date: 06/07/2007

I did the same thing ,grew out some Low's now since I satisfied my curiosity I will not do it again, potentcy way to low. MDanzig is comming out with some new hybrids that will be worth the effort , power stout and another plus he has some Lowryder hybrids now that are ok. But pure Lowryder is not the ticket for me but was fun growing....

Name: seedscloak
Date: 06/07/2007

Hey man don't be so hard i think this strain would be a great first grow for anyone. also it is perfect for quick runs of plants to make bubble. the nothern climates its invalueible as almost everything is a crap shoot outdoors, all you can do is hope for the best. although it dont have the best potency its good for bubble.

Name: the madprofit
Date: 24/09/2007

hey - that's 2 months from seed to harvest! That's what it's all about here! I kinda like it. And it feels good as well.

Name: tooti
Date: 17/11/2007

Fun to grow and watch it mature so fast, plants showed 3 different phenos for the females. Male to female ratio was 7 males -3 females- not to good, even when temps were kept mild. Bud development looked tight and crystally, but when dried was a bit airy. Buzz was good and fun for this sativa lover. But yeild per plant was about 4-6 grams, not enough to use the indoor space for this one again, maybe a wild outdoor planting as i live in the mountians though-see if it can resist the pests and wildlife-more to come next year on that endevour. all in all a good and sweet smelling smoke, awsome for newbies or tight of space growers.

Name: Thumper
Date: 25/11/2007

this weed is the bomb i cross breed it with cocanut crunch and now i have a plant that makes me horny this weed is good for viagra use my dick is still hard

Name: bill
Date: 13/03/2008

good 1....

Name: rocky
Date: 19/04/2008

This strain is excelent it can grow up to 80cm with 9 branches so it can be quiet big for 60days of grow.The smoke is excelent very strong high but a bit harsh but tasty smoke.

Name: Cheeba
Date: 14/09/2008

Guys this strain is all about stealth and beginers, persoanly i like them they are small compact and if done right can bring in 14g per plant i have never got less than 10 grams dry off this plant but as you all said its not like the standard 300g dry off of a 5 - 6 F plant is it, Get a pack of 20 palnt em when 2 weeks away from havest plant another 20 then you will have Bud al year round :)

Name: Primz
Date: 09/03/2009

that some good sith

Name: ton
Date: 12/05/2009

Hi!I grew 2 ladies of this strain,and i have to say i,m really impressed.I got about 35 grams of dried bud,and the high was really good!Exellent strain for outdoor far north where i live:)Peace!

Name: Kayaman

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