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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Big Bud Information

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Big Bud Sensi Seeds 1 - 10 Seeds
Big Bud has long been famous as a cannabis strain with jaw-dropping yields. Less well-known is the fact that her superior Indica pedigree has been carefully refined and steadily improved over many years. Big Bud’s early development occurred in the USA before the strain was brought to Holland in the Eighties in search of political asylum. When the War on Drugs intensified, pioneering US breeders feared losing irreplaceable ganja strains which embodied years of work, study and devotion. Many unique and cherished genotypes were brought to the Netherlands to ensure they would not be lost forever.

The first Big Bud was a sturdy Afghanica infused with Skunk genes — a hybrid possessing unusual vigour and unexpected, record-breaking production. Distributed in clone form, Big Bud quickly became a popular commercial strain. When those original clones made it to Holland, they gave rise to several stable seed-strains, including a back-cross with Skunk #1 and a very popular hybrid of 75%BB-25%NL#1. The current, award-winning incarnation of Big Bud was made possible by two important developments. Firstly, intensive research allowed Sensi to identify the genotype and precise geographical origin of the Afghani cultivar behind the first Big Bud. Secondly, the expansion of our gene-stock in the early Nineties gave Sensi breeders access to a prime example of that very strain.

With these two breakthroughs, we were able to take Big Bud back to her roots. Sensi’s final, back-crossed hybrid recaptures the vigour of the original clone and benefits further from sweet, fruity flavours and a great improvement in potency. Naturally, enormous production remains the central feature of the Big Bud seed-strain. Plants requiring the full flowering time will grow a little taller and are usually the heaviest-yielding examples. Big Bud’s stems are thick and sturdy, yet the masses of giant, sweet, sparkling buds they produce can grow heavy enough to bend and even snap them, so the most promising branches should be supported with string or tensioned wire.

Yield SogVery High
Flowering Period weeks8 (7-9)
Harvesting Month10
Seed BankSensi Seeds
Feminized Marijuana SeedsYes

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
ShortVery High8Indica10IndoorYesNormal
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Date: 11/08/2007

10 female seeds, please!

Name: henrik öhman
Date: 23/02/2008

I have not yet grown this strain. I have seen it in many pictures and around the net. These buds are very very big with plenty of thc crystals, if grown indoors or greenhouse. The nutrients used though must be thought out and researched. This strain loves FOX Farms nutes. This plant makes me smile and red eyed.

Name: amiabud
Date: 21/03/2008

exactly what fox farm nutrient does it like?

Name: henrystyle
Date: 14/05/2008

don't fall for the name brand propaganda

Name: xxx
Date: 17/08/2008

this is the 4th year im growing and the first time i grew big bud. I got ten seed and only 1 ended up making it through btwn germination and males. But the one i got makes it all worth it its 3ft by 3ft and the idea that you have to string up the branches is no joke. im 2 weeks into flowering and cant wait for harvest.

Name: Jay
Date: 05/11/2008

have been growing bigbud for more than 4 years along with other strains. finding the big producer is the problem but when you do clone and flower upto 20 in 1sq meter and be amazed with how much you can yield.

Name: doin90
Date: 04/10/2009

well this is my first bb grow and im satisfied,they started flowering at 3mnths and i am growing them outside but they seem realy short bc they are only 7inches.not a strong scented plant my hairs turned purple so idk wats up with that but good luck peeps.peace

Name: robert
Date: 07/12/2009

just starting with 8 and they dont seem to like my nutrient started at 1100 ppm and in 2 days wilting started and now im at 700 ppm and they are getting worse. still have good color and the tips are not burning. room temp is in between 67 and 77 any suggestion any would be appreciated thanx.

Name: tswinger
Date: 13/01/2010

i have grown big bud for 12yrs, cant go wrong good producer and good product. grow it at 1000pm all the way through and you will di well

Name: herby
Date: 12/02/2010

I have this and see why it won the Can Cup. It's an old school with a new school feel from what I hear from the older guys. I also here its very easy to grow but you will need those ties. Short and Bushy, BIG BUDS, Big stems. Good for indoor growers

Name: Canna Craig
Date: 29/06/2010

Awesome Great for new growers this is my first grow I bought 10 femenized seads 8 grew i'm in the 4th week of flower and my plants stand 4 to 5 ft tall full of big 1/2 inch bud. I'm guessing 3 to 5 oz per plant so far and the way the are going the yield should triple I'm using cutting edge salutions and my plants have never even had a issue.

Name: scott
Date: 14/07/2010

Phosphorous and Potasium levels need to be high during the final stages as this strain will suck it up producing big, full, heavy duty buds !

Name: Big Mick
Date: 01/03/2011

For my indoor jumbo grow tent, 6x6x8ft dimensions under a 1000w HPS lamp, with a 6-inch out take and 8 inch intake fan running 24/7, Big Bud grew me some of the thickest densest bud I have ever held. Not only did the plant grow very quickly, the bud did as well once the flowering process had begun. In no time my 25 plants had produced almost 2 1/2 pounds off of ONE GROW DURATION. 5 Stars. Amazing plant.

Name: HydroKinect

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