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Marijuana Botany Information

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Marijuana Botany Rob Clarke

Marijuana Botany, Rob Clarke’s first book is based on his university thesis to gain his graduate degree in botany from UC Berkeley.� As all reviews of this book will tell you it is not a marijuana grow guide but a highly informative book documenting the scientific and botanical�details of the Cannabis Sativa plant - commonly known as Marijuana in the USA.

Although this book is somewhat scientific it is very well explained and written in such a way as to help the reader understand it.� You do not need any qualification in botany to understand this book - a keen interest in plants will do.� Throughout the book there are excellent detailed drawings that help to make Clarke’s point.

Marijuana Botany covers the life cycle of the cannabis plant from germination to maturation.� It discusses the�differences between asexual propogation (using cuttings) and sexual propogation (whereby a male plant will fertilise a female plant ) with detailed drawings showing both.

The book also covers the very important area of plant�genetics and the laws of inheritance.��Clarke emphasizes this as one of the most important areas surrounding cannabis�cultivation and breeding as plant growth will depend heavily on�a plants�genetics as well as on the external environment (i.e. light, water, nutrients etc).� This stage of the book is a must-read for any would-be breeders and much can be learnt from Clarke’s extensive knowledge and research.

The last section of the book deals with the final part of the life of the marijuana plant; harvesting and curing.� Clarke includes useful details as to the influence of latitude on photoperiods (day-light hours) and seasons, and their influence on the development of the marijuana plant.� Perhaps the most complex section of his book is on cannabinoid biosynthesis but there are more recent books that have more up-to-date information on this topic.

Seed BankRob Clarke

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