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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Train Wreck Information

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Train Wreck Homegrown Fantaseeds 1 - 10 Seeds
Train wreck: fast and hard hitting.

A truly powerful smoke. Expect a lot of resin
and tower-like calyx formation deforming
the buds in the final stages of ripening.

This new strain is a mind opening experience
like never before.

Seed BankHomegrown Fantaseeds

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
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Price for 1 Seed
$8.17 - $9.74

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Date: 17/12/2008

my son got a hold of some train wreck last week....he's on a 72-hr hold right now, just as nutty as a fruit cake....good luck, you fucking idiots..

Name: b lindberg
Date: 13/09/2009

dont blame da herbs, BRO!

Name: wtf
Date: 06/10/2009

whats funny is she gave it 5 stars!

Name: bah
Date: 17/11/2009

Wow, living wherever he is living during those 72 hours sounds as if it may be _safer and saner_ than the parents have to offer him. If my parents were as irrational as that parent sounds I would NOT HAVE TO SMOKE, but I'm sure it helped somehat...Brian

Name: Brian
Date: 06/12/2009

shit.... this stuff is amazing smoked a bowl with my friend and we were fucked up all night... im highly considering growing this shit

Name: garret
Date: 01/12/2010

wtf, b linberg may have something there was a study realeased resently on the effects there are some people that have certain genetic combanations will develop skitzofrenea there is a test that can be done if you are positive this would be a good thing to avoid

Name: animal

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legal bud at



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