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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Snow White Information

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Snow White Nirvana Seeds 1 - 10 Seeds
A mostly Indica plant, 80% indoor. One of the highest qualities of Nirvana's products. A big yielder with dense, sticky buds covered with shiny crystals.
Yield SogHigh
Flowering Period weeks9 (8-10)
Thc PercentageNull (15-20)
Harvesting Month10 (9-10)
Seed BankNirvana Seeds
Feminized Marijuana SeedsYes
White StrainYes

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
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Price for 1 Seed
$2.19 - $9.49

Display Headshops
Date: 21/12/2007

I've never grown it, but I have smoked Snow White. you get absolutely retarded... a great strain

Name: L to the dome
Date: 24/04/2009

Ok white strain. Ridiculously easy to grow. However the high is fairly weak, and like said above it is possibly the best Nirvana strain.

Name: Josh
Date: 04/07/2010

The high can be really good in fact, it all depends on your techniques, couch lock is regularly achieved!! I have grown Snow White several times, and the buds can reach huge proportions, so much so that bud rot can be a real risk, last crop the tops were hanging over with the weight! Crystals, loads, and easy to clone, very easy in fact, I have too many now! Responds well to topping, and that way you can get two cuts as there are so many lower buds of good size to come. When I originally bought seeds, I bought feminized, and they all germinated, 100% one turned out to be a bit of a runt, but other than that, awesome. Quite a pungent strain. Overall the strain is certainly forgiving, I would say, one would need to be incredibly unlucky to fail with snow white, or an absolute idiot! :-)

Name: JonO
Date: 29/08/2010

Snow White is a very easy to grow, tasty strain. Powdery Mildew resistant. Big yield. I got 7.5 oz out of 2 plants in a somewhat stressful environment. I harvested at about 20% amber trichomes. The buzz is similar to White Widow - mellow, slightly euphoric. The indica father adds a bit of punch to the end that helps with insomnia.

Name: Matt in Boulder
Date: 20/05/2012

Very easy to purchase.

Name: Daeshawna

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