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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Royal Haze Feminised Information

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Royal Haze Feminised Dinafem Seeds 1 - 10 Seeds
The Sativa of quality.

Royal Haze is a classic blend of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk, making it a powerful psychoactive yet, without the heavy and somewhat lethargic body stone associated with strong Indicas.

The yield from this plant is most impressive and produces an abundance of large, sticky, colas of a very high quality that’s effect is very long lasting.

The scent is very special, with a slightly rich and flavorsome sweet tone of skunk in some of them.

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$7.1 - $15.01

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Date: 13/05/2010

its not a plant with fast growth, because its a pretty sativa genotype,its very thick and robust. ..but its worth the wait. I only have 1 plant indoor and the room is perfumed ,the best is that the plant is vegetative right now and it delievers a kick in your nose with an awesome scent.

Date: 22/07/2012

well as far as fast growth the above comment is compleatly wrong Im running mine in an EBB and Flow system using advanced nutriants grand master level my plant went from being 3 inces tall from clones 3 weeks veg and im now in week 3 of flower so a total of 6 weeks and my plants are almost 6 feet tall....

Name: DR.Greenthum

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