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Salvia Divinorum Cutting Information

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Salvia Divinorum plants can be propagated through cuttings and they require rich soil. Moisture should be high, but plants can be slowly adjusted to 'normal' growth conditions. Plants are shipped as tissue culture plantlets still in the tube. This makes it much easier for us to ship them and you will get a 100% disease and pest-free plant. To transplant your tissue culture Salvia Divinorum to soil you will need a pot, some fine soil and a glass jar. A fungicide such as Thiram is advisable. The Salvia Divinorum plant is taken out of the tube and the agar is washed off with luke warm water. The roots must be clean! Any dead/black material is removed. Sometimes the tops of the plantlets die from the shock of shipment. This is no problem, just clip off the dead tissue and new shoots will appear from the leaf axils. The bottom leaves of the Salvia Divinorum plant are removed and the larger leaves are trimmed. Large leaves will lead to too much moisture loss which leads to the wilting of the plantlet. Carefully plant Salvia Divinorum in the soil and water it (preferably with a fungicide solution). If no fungicide is available, the soil should have been heat treated to prevent infection. A glass jar is put over the plantlet to raise humidity and it is put in a light shady place. After 7 days new growth should be visible and after 14 days the Salvia Divinorum plant can slowly be adjusted normal growth conditions. In the winter some additional lighting may be necessary. Once Salvia Divinorum is established it grows pretty fast. The Salvia Divinorum plants should be topped regularly to make them bushier or they will grow tall and thin and fall over.
BrandsSalvia Divinorum
WeightOther (50g)
SizeNull (12cm tall)

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Date: 13/05/2008

can i plant this in my grow yard, to its fullest potential how big does it get?. im looking for the most potent salvia divorinum seeds to grow a summer harvest. if u have please email me when available

Name: rich

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