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Salvia Divinorum - Organic Extract 10x Information

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Salvia Divinorum is harvested in the high mountains of Oaxaca by the native people (Mazatec Indians) and is then dried, cured and blessed. The Mazatec people use it as part of spiritual ceremonies and traditional healing. It has become a powerful tool for soul searching and exploration of conciousness. Mazatec Golden is organically grown then hand-picked by Mazatec Indians. It is carefully placed in the shade to dry over a long period of time; a process that preserves and cures the leaves. Salvia 10x Organic Extracts is 10 times the strength of the Mazatec Golden variety. On average, it takes 10g of leaf to produce 1g of 10x extract. 10x is not recommended unless you are experienced or accustomed to the 5x. Remember: the higher the number, the stronger the extract and the less you need. Comes in a plastic case that can be clipped in.
BrandsSalvia Divinorum
WeightOther (5g)
ContentsNull (1g vial)

ExtractSalvia DivinorumX10Other-
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