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Salvia Divinorum - 60x Flavoured Extracts Information

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Salvia Divinorum - 60x Flavoured Extracts (Salvia Divinorum Information) Back
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Salvia Divinorum - 60x Flavoured Extracts -
Salvia Divinorum is an extraordinary herb prized for its fascinating psychoactive effects such as sensual enhancement, magical journeys, enchantment, apparent time travel, philosophical insights, spiritual experiences and perhaps even healing and divination. This range of Salvia comes 5 fantastic flavours: Original, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry and Strawberry. The Salvia Divinorum comes with its own special packaging designed to keep it fresh and potent. The extract is contained in a strengthened vial and comes with a resalable bag which allows you to safely store your extract. Salvia Divinorum can be a very strong substance, so always take a very small amount to start with and then see what reaction you have. This sacred plant should only be explored with the utmost respect and caution - and only by responsible adults that are of sound mind and clear intent. We strongly advise that anyone taking Salvia is not alone and in the company of persons they can trust. Salvia Divinorum should never be mixed with any-other drugs or alcohol - you never know how an individual will react. Do not drive - Salvia Divinorum could severely impair your ability to make judgment and should always be avoided when driving. Always use discretion when consuming Salvia Divinorum.
BrandsSalvia Divinorum
WeightOther (20g)
FlavoursYes (Original, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry and Strawberry.)
SizeNull (20cm x 15cm)
ContentsNull (1 gram vial)

ExtractSalvia Divinorum-OtherYes
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