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Legal Bud

Legal Bud

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Hashberry Information

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Hashberry Mandala Seeds 1 - 10 Seeds
With this exceptional new strain we are building upon our successful breeding lines to offer growers an Indica that combines the best of many traits. Hashberry is the unique result from a rigorous selection of desirable parents, with special attention paid to preserve the hybrid vigor our strains are so valued for. This Indica will grow to a medium height and is a good choice where space matters and excellent for SOG. Hashberry develops a tight and heavy head bud with dense buds located on her firm side shoots. You will notice that many plants cover the bud leaves with a coat of THC glands and these will fill your pollinator/bubble bags generously. This seed yields a maximum of 16-17,5 oz/sq.ft..
Yield SogHigh
Flowering Period weeks9
TypeMostly Indica
Harvesting Month9
Seed BankMandala Seeds
Feminized Marijuana SeedsNo

HeightYield Span Class=smalltextgr SogFlowering Span Class=smalltextPeriod weeksTypeHarvesting MonthClimateFeminized Marijuana SeedsDifficulty
-High9Mostly Indica9BothNoNormal
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Date: 17/02/2010

We grow medicinally for a few patients and Hashberry is a favorite of all of them. It is a great sleepy time herb. Our Lupus patient raves about it's pain curbing properties. Our anxiety patient especially loves it because it really helps slow her down so she can relax. It grows compact and dense outdoors. The buds are tight a nice shape... picture a hot dog shaped bud manacured with lots of sparkles. A very pleasant smoke to taste... very earthy and I like to describe it as "warm and fuzzy" light hashish flavor, but definately fresh to taste. It's very smooth but be careful... it will kick back. The first time I grew it I thought it would yield much because it was short in stature. It was a short hedge looking plant about four feet tall and four feet wide. At harvest time I harvested the large kolas first and after takign them all off the plant didn't even look like a trimmed plant. It was still a round hedge... only three feet tall and three feet wide. The secondary buds were smaller but four times as many. One plant yielded nearly a pound and a half of dried, cured product. Very impressive compared to one plant we grew of another strain that grew eight feet tall and yielded only about a pound. I'm not sure if our strain of Hashberry was the Mandala genetics... but the pictures sure look similar to what came up for us.

Name: Hooker

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