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Cheap Ray bans are clear while indoor and automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. These lenses allow for full ultraviolet radiation protection. Photochromic lenses are convenient as they reduce the need to switch from prescription sunglasses to indoor prescription glasses. They come in a wide variety of lens materials; whether you prefer polycarbonate lenses, high-index lenses, or regular plastic or glass lenses, you typically will be able to purchase a ray ban outlet photochromic version of your preferred lenses.Experts say the risk for cataracts and other age-related eye problems is associated with a person's lifetime exposure to the sun's UV rays.

Ray-Ban polarised sunglasses have the transmission axis oriented vertically to block reflecting light.Because of these lenses' ability to block the reflecting light, many fishermen and water lovers favor this type of lens. Now that many others who spend time outdoors have discovered the benefits Cheap Ray bans of polarised lenses, interest in these types of sunglasses has soared.These lenses are well known by outdoor enthusiasts such as bikers, joggers, golfers and gardeners looking to eliminate glare. Drivers benefit from these lenses as they reduce the glare from the road as well as the light reflecting from the hood of the car. Polarised lenses are also appropriate for indoor use and can be worn by those who are light-sensitive; including post-cataract surgery patients and those continually exposed to bright light through windows. They may reduce the visibility of images produced by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) found ray ban outlet on the dashboards of some cars or in other places such as the digital screens on automatic teller (bank) machines.

In 2007 the company introduced a new Cheap Ray bans campaign that aimed to make the brand more refreshing and compelling, especially toward younger people. Never Hide was its name; and it aimed to express the Ray-Ban ideology: "Sunglasses that place you at the centre of attention beyond trends, transcending time and strongly customising whoever wears them".Finally, in 2008 Ray-Ban presented Ray-Ban Remasters, a communication program that consolidated Ray-Ban's strong relationship with music, and its position as a global iconic brand. Ray-Ban Remasters was a partnership with eight musicians who recorded a song of their choice from the '50s and '60s and remastered these songs exclusively for Ray-Ban. These songs were performed live in a series of three events in North America, China, and Europe ray ban outlet .

Ray-Ban's "Never Hide" campaign was launched in March 2007. It consisted of a YouTube series and a film advocating customers to "Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide Cheap Ray bans".The campaign also encourages people to live their lives with authenticity and no fear of judgment. Short YouTube videos show musicians and bands such as Slash of Guns N' Roses and Two Door Cinema Club wearing Ray-Ban products and playing live shows.In 1939, Ray-Ban launched a new version of the aviator called the 'Outdoorsman'. It was designed for specific groups such as hunting, shooting and fishing enthusiasts, and featured a top bar and temple end pieces to distinguish it from the standard aviator. A few years later, in the 1940s, Gradient lenses were introduced. These were mirrored lenses which ray ban outlet featured a special coating on the upper part of the lens for enhanced protection, but an uncoated lower lens for a clear view of the plane’s instrument panel.